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Nov. 1, 2021

Human Factors News Monthly Roundup (October 2021)

Human Factors News Monthly Roundup (October 2021)

Human Factors News Monthly Roundup (October 2021) 

We're back with another one of our monthly news roundups!

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Top News

These consist of news stories that we have featured on our weekly podcast. If you are not familiar with the show, we let our Patreons decide which topics we discuss on the show each week from these types of news stories.

New augmented reality applications assist astronaut repairs to space station

Koma 1.5 can be either a buggy or a powered exoskeleton, as required

New Research Shows Learning Is More Effective When Active

Human Factors News

These consist of news stories that we have not covered on the show, but are still worthy of sharing!

Aerospace Systems / Aviation


Augmented Cognition

Children's Issues

Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making


Environmental Design

Health Care

Human-AI-Robot Teaming

Human-Computer Interaction

Perception and Performance

Product Design


Surface Transportation / Travel

Virtual Environments



Occupational Ergonomics


TRIGGER WARNING - Cybersecurity / Healthcare

Unfortunately from time to time, we run into stories that may be painful to read, but are relevant to the field of human factors. In this case, the following story deals with the tragic loss of life as a result of a cybersecurity issue. We're including this in our stories as it highlights the importance of the Human Factors behind cybersecurity. Read at your own risk.


Weekly News Roundups (October 2021)