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Must listen !

Great show for all things human factors

Great show!

Nick and Blake highlight all aspects of tech and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

I wish I had known about this podcast before I started my HFE graduate program!

If you are studying human factors and ergonomics in school, or looking to transition to a UX/UI/HFE career, then this is the podcast for you. The podcast is very beginner-friendly, the host are interesting to listen to and the subject matter is relevant and engaging. The community that Nick and Blake have created is welcoming and motivating. Just the kind of space I need to make it through my grad progam. I've listened to other UX/UI/HFE type podcasts in the past, but I didn't enjoying listening to them as much as I enjoy listening to the HF Cast poscast. Give HF Cast a chance! I know I'm glad I did.

Loving this podcast :)

A very lighthearted and informative podcast from human factors practitioner's point of view on the current technology news and trend. I love the frequent jokes and small banters in every episode! I've learned a lot from listening to Human Factors Cast, and the discussions always give me new insights to think about. Truly a podcast that keeps you well-informed and entertained <3

Avid listener for years.

When I first heard about Human Factors I searched for resources for the topic and found the podcast. I have listened ever since and have enjoyed every minute. I really like the selection of stories and appreciate the breakdown.

Great LX!!! (Listener Experience)

This podcast covers a great breadth of topics in a fun yet highly informative manner. The hosts, Nick and Blake, are passionate, engaging, and knowledgeable. In every episode, you can feel how much they care about the field of human factors and how motivated they are to foster community and help practitioners realize their potential. The show’s motto may be “it depends”, but this podcast is quality no matter what!

A must listen for everyone!

I’ve been listening to the podcast for the past year, and it’s interesting for not only human factors professionals but anyone who is keen on the latest technology that impacts human lives. I went back to past episodes to listen to almost all episodes now, and I wait for new episodes every week. Kudos for Nick and Blake for delivering interesting news every week!

A weekly favorite

I'm always super excited when an episode drops. Awesome mix of nerdy insight and goofy fun. It's like shooting the breeze with two of your smart college friends. The physical microphone quality is good not great, as I think they record it through a streaming service that clips for a second once in a while. But they're always improving, like the titles are user friendly now. If you care about the Human Factors field at all, you will love it.

Great Show!

Getting my Degree in HFE from Cornell University and about to graduate. It's great to reencounter some of the principles I've learned over the past 2 years in a light hearted setting with these 3 knuckleheads. Hopefully I'll be able to run into you guys at the 2017 HFES conference!

Great show!

Microphone/audio could use some work, hosts sound distant and a little muddled. Other than that, interesting discussions sprinkled with nerdy pop culture references make it fun. Definitely worth a listen!