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March 25, 2022

E239 - Can we Define Sex as Risky Driving Behavior?

This week on the show, we talk about sex as a form of distracted driving and answer some questions from the community about needing good handwriting skills in UX, coping with job rejections after receiving positive feedback, and we discuss the merits of having a research portfolio.

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Recorded live on March 24th, 2022, hosted by Nick Roome & Barry Kirby.


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  • Understanding sexual activity while driving as a form of distracted driving
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Welcome to human factors yeah your weekly podcast for human factors psychology and design. Hello everybody welcome back to another episode human factors cast this is episode 200 39 we're recording this episode live on 3/24/2022 I'm your host Nick Roman joined today by Mister berry Kirby and good evening how are you tonight good evening berry I'm good we're gonna see if technology issues are good too. But technology issues aside we do have a great show for you tonight we're gonna be talking about sex not biological the act of as a form of distracted driving and later we'll be answering some questions from the community about needing good hand writing skills and you wax coping with job projections after receiving positive feedback and we'll discuss the merits of having a research portfolio but first some quick programming notes in a community update here. Barry on your show this week you dropped a new episode on 1202 podcast right our sister podcast you'll talk a little bit about that yes Sir we drop back and it was all about muscular skeletal health and and and that will help us do that not only help you so keep good business legal help actually you have an injury help you recover from it and that's proving very popular already love to read the feedback from people who found that it's you know just talking about basically but we took a very often was really good but next week we got 1 M. could could get recorded and it's all about how people act in crisis situations the ticket fire and what we can do around that but I'll take it tell me more about that next week stay tuned for that 1 in addition to the exciting stuff we have over on 120 to the human factors podcast we also have coming up next week for you all on Friday it's going to be another H. FES presidential town hall so I'll sit down with H. FES leadership can talk about what is going on in the state of human factors as a field as well as the organization so please join us it's going to be at 10:00 AM Pacific 1 eastern it's gonna be on all our channels as well as all the H. FES official channels as well so do check that out all right we know why you're here you're here for this sexy story so why don't we go ahead and get into it it's. I think this may be the sexiest story we've ever done on the show this is the part of the show all about human factors news. Barry let's break it down what we have this week. So this week we talk we talk about understanding sexual activity while driving as a form of distracted driving so researchers from queen's university of technology recently conducted a content analysis of 270 hold her videos teaching drivers in moving vehicles engaging in sexual activities the research was conducted to investigate how sexual activity while driving impact the driver's performance the focus of the study was to understand interactions with road safety and driver behavior. So the researchers found that a 30 drivers it didn't west seat belts while the vehicle was moving when they did wear seat belts drivers were less likely to satisfactorily complete their activity. And surprisingly vehicle control was impaired with approximately 3 out of 4 drivers unable to keep 2 hands on the steering wheel as recommended. I Greenlee 80 percent of drivers didn't have both feet on the pedal in the pedal area resulting in most commonly reported sex I was driving incidents involving lane drifting. The researchers also found the driver's filming themselves during sex while driving is another form of destruction that has been explored in previous research center to all the time so distracted driving the researchers found that drivers engaging in sexual activity while driving appear to mitigate risks citing a concern for potential legal sanctions when considering this to be the drivers may tend to conceal sexual activity by reducing that visible nudity and minimizing interactions with other road users. Mobile phones and cameras appear to interact with sexual activities while driving I am imposing potential restrictions on the range of sexual activities implication for policy makers and practitioners are discussed in the paper. One final note 6 well describe sex while driving is risky behavior the requires both multi disciplinary and cross sectoral collaboration to address health transport education all need to work together. So next sex while driving to the findings findings here do it for you yeah. Well look look we we actually talked about this at our pre show last week we found this one. Right before the show then I think it was kind of in the next news cycle we we laughed at this during the pre show because we thought it was kind of. A funny topic to talk about in the in the way that the presenter on Twitter kind of went through their thread was very humorous and the guess that they were using but. Yeah this is actually really awesome story and something that I think maybe. Is is quite novel in its in its in its study so Barry what what are you thinking about this study in general. So in general I think it can be just a couple of questions and all of which I'm not I am into we can actually ask them mine done Sir tonight but. There is kind of a and that we saw said before some of these things this bit but well duh moment about this because clearly if you're focused on one activity you're not going to be as focused on another activity so and but when we do I guess is the science behind this is wildly is using porn videos ex exactly really good experimental procedure me weather control let you know that that type of activity but some you know again it's it's something that a lot of people I think would be best to engaging a lot because it's because people get barrister you know it's it's it's that should be told about such things nothing apps absolutely we should be good to go to bed as well I think you know I'm in the US most of your calls are automatic some wires in in the U. K. you can't have 2 feet out of the M. the pedal area because we got more pedals to to move. Mmhm and I think we'll probably get to a place of but eases with what this get worse all better depending on your perspective with autonomous driving and things like that I think you just throw up a lot of questions that I think we should should dive into yeah that those are good questions and you know I I don't think most of our cars here automatic which is actually kind of you know an important distinction I would I would say you know maybe maybe one in 20 I don't know if that so so yes I think this is a great story for us to use as kind of a spring board to talk about risky driving behavior behaviors in general and then you know kind of what distracted driving really means so you know there's a couple different ways in which risky driving behaviors are characterized and what we're gonna be using tonight is kind of data from the national highway transportation safety administration this is here based in the states we do a lot of driving here in the states right I know that's different in various places of the world but I think it's important to note that you know here in the states we do have a lot of data because we drive a lot so we'll be using that as kind of the baseline here do we want to talk about these one by one you want to go over the first one here. Yes drug driving to driving me the basic consuming alcohol was trying to every day about 28 people in the U. S. dollar into driving crashes that's 1 person every 52 minutes 201910 that just over 10000 people lost their lives during driving that does a Dessa I was that old preventable but it is a well you know you in the in the U. K. we have similar problems and it's something that we really need to work to get into read something that gets to be quite a lot as well. To talk about them drug peddling yeah and a lot of these these are very simple kind of explanations of what these risky driving behaviors are but we are giving some of the statistics to kind of contextualize exactly why they're risky but yes drug impaired driving. It's it's completely illegal everywhere here in America to drive under the influence of anything like although hall marijuana opioids methamphetamines any other potentially drug prescribed either over the over the counter or. Prescribes that is sort of impairing right so it's completely to illegal to drive with any of those. They they say impaired driving or buzzed driving is drunk driving. And I think that's the same here if you take a drug that impairs your ability to. Basically react and. Perform in a way that's going to be safe for you as the driver and any passengers in your vehicle as well as everybody else on the road and we're talking about risky driving behavior here so driving while impaired by any substance legal or illegal puts you and others in harm's way like I kind of sad right and in terms of safety facts for this 156 percent of drivers involved in serious injury and fatal crashes tested positive for at least 1 drug based on study trauma centers and that's from 2020 so a fairly recent data. Which is kind of shocking. So the the next but the week we look at is the seatbelts seatbelt now pretty much Monday training well that the mantra the investments in the U. K. so what's the safest choices drives imposters can make is to is to buckle up so many Americans understanding the life saving value the seat belt the national use rate was 99 just over 90 percent to 2021 they reckon that use the seat belts is set for districts to 15000 lives in at 2017 and on Sunday the 20 fifth potentially fatal consequences not wearing a seatbelt and learning what you do to make sure your new family of poor people called up and every time you need to do that I said that the but it's it's mandatory to wear them in the U. S. is it it is tempting but managed to weather in the UK but just checking before I do I do my could grow system shins there has the ball yes it is the law it is the law to wear your seat belts. The it's shocking to me that still only 90 percent aware than the 10 percent that don't I don't understand why it saves your life by. Local treats link de Mani granddad didn't really doesn't I still don't like wearing seat belts and even when he goes into the weather will put his hands under the the the the cross spell because across the chest and pull it down for you just because he says he feels it's constraining him not I thank you think it's a cultural thing sorry. A generational thing the next most most people younger people now just wear a seat belt without really thinking about so it's just a scam from the big big. Seat belt companies man. All right let's let's get into this next 1 here this is speeding and aggressive driving so you know over over 2 decades here of data speeding has been involved in approximately a third of all motor vehicle fatalities so going back to 2019 this is the latest data speed speeding was a contributing factor in 26 percent of all traffic fatalities killing 9000 400 78 people if you thought we were just talking about sex in this episode now we're talking about death to so. We're talking about speed and this aggressive driving we're talking about how speed it really affects your safety because. From human factors perspective it kind of reduces the amount of reaction time you have to do something. But. This also isn't just talking about speed when considering like a speed limit this is also considering road conditions so things like during bad weather when the road is under repair or an area that's not well lit at night right so we're talking about these types of conditions. When you talk about speeding right it really does endanger everybody. You know there's. Someone walked into the road with the speeder and it's over and it's it's tragic. And I mean you know there there is something to be said about speeding on the road right to that we're all sort of familiar with these. Frustrations with modern life and kind of juggling these busy schedules that we all kind of make for ourselves but when thinking about speed limits right these are highly research things that human factors professionals actually have a lot of say in 2 and and they are put into place to protect everybody so so the limit is the limit and my my wife always gets on me about this because I'd say no the limits the limit when she says I'm driving like a grandpa yes but it says 65 I'm not going to go 70 anyway that's that's my $0.2 but then there's this next one and then we'll get into everything else. Yeah interesting thing about the speed of the we are going to thinking well it's the moment of looking to trying take also we have 30 mile an hour limits going through urban areas and they're looking to reduce that is the blanket reduce it down to 20 mile an hour interesting seeing people's reactions to to that consultation of the moment I am the last bit is around here is is around driving drowsy driving and I'm sure this is something that most drivers have done at one time or another if you do a lot of miles so fatigue as close as close the effect on the safety health and quality of life with T. is caused by sleep restrictions due to your babies we have a couple of hours old late shifts long shifts I know that we friends old just but along the monotonous dry for your holiday or even for work and the negative outcomes can be the same not his impact on the impaired cognition at performance the that will result in crashes workplace accidents and health consequences so. By this whole drowsy peace can be really difficult to to tackle when your lifestyle doesn't align with avoiding drowsy driving as you just mentioned around wanting to be in your vehicle all we live in a 247 society with an emphasis on work local commutes and exponential advancement technology. You don't get the sleep they need and I could reach him really. Talk about that a lot of the moment but effectively dealing with the drowsy driving problem requires really to focus to fundamentally change aside mills and especially to choose towards drowsy driving. So we've done quite a lot of the risky driving behaviors what about what what is distracted driving can you give us an insight into actual distracted driving is yeah we'll talk about distracted driving I I do wanna make one kind of comment on all the ones we've covered so far including drive distracted driving these a lot of these statistics are based pre pandemic and so there these statistics are going to change over time especially as more people are working from home and people are commuting less there's going to be some differences in the data so I I just want to kind of cabbie ought all of this. After we're reporting on now right a lot of the stuff is from 201920212020 so it's like kind of before or during the beginning of the pandemic and it's it's still a little bit out of date is what I'm saying here and I I just. Take that with a grain of salt so yes let's talk about kind of the main course you're distracted driving and and we can talk about it in the lens this article here which is suggesting that sex while driving could be a form of distracted driving so what's actually break this down so distracted driving. This could be defined as any activity kind of that that takes your attention away from. Activities critical for safe driving or operating a vehicle right so these distractions can be categorized into 3 different areas if you think about visual distractions manual distractions or cognitive distractions you want examples of you try to visual distraction might be looking at a phone to read a text message that is something that is distracting you from looking at the road. You are looking at manual distractions these are sort of the activities that take the hands away from the wheel. So. Not taking the article into account here but you know in another example might be. To dialing a hand held phone right seat hold the phone in one hand and you're dialing the other in me holding the steering wheel with your knees and and then the last one here is cognitive and so these types of distractions it is when a driver's mind is off the road so this anytime in your mind flow through a different thought any time that you are sort of thinking about work while you're on the road those types of things or or sort of. We talked about working on the road like dictating an email while you're. Kind of talking to your phone doing this on the road right that is that is a you're you're taking your mind off the road so. You know there's a lot of different distractions that require a mix of any one of these state 3 sort of cognitive resources at any given time so in this hand held phone example it requires all 3 resources and is considered a distraction for both are all visual manual and cognitive and when we look at this article through the lens of distracted driving traditionally sex would fall across all 3 of these categories right it is both the it is a visual distraction Emmanuel distraction and a cognitive distraction I'm not gonna describe specific acts here I think. Everyone can use their imaginations for that we're trying to keep this. I wouldn't say somewhat family friendly but we're trying to keep it away from the R. rating so. We'll put it there I do wanna talk a little bit about some of these distracted driving statistics. Yes absolutely V. S. 32019 there were 3000 wonderful 2 people killed and many more people injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers 8 percent the **** to crush it in fact you crush 8 percent of fatal crashes 2019 reported as distraction affected crashes and any given day like mom to crossamerica approximately 660000 drivers are using cell phones or manipulate electronic devices while driving so new voice activated technology tend to reduce crashes due to destruction even more destructing the previous in vehicle technology which I think some people find surprising but actually when you actually think about it makes sense I am and if your texting while driving it raises a driver's crash risk by 23 times that's that's that's a significant amount of mobile to protection. Agric yeah yeah going to the into the facts yeah let's jump into some of the effects of distracted driving a lot of these are kind of fairly straightforward we don't need to go to a detailed here but. Obviously if you're distracted you're gonna take increase time that your eyes are off the road you're you're not gonna be looking at the road which is giving you critical visual information about the state of everything talk about situation awareness when you are getting out of that situation awareness for a couple seconds to answer a texter. Have sex then you are in fact not looking at the road right you're also having an increased reaction time to hazards especially when you are looking at those cognitive distractions right so thinking about something else while you're on the road is going to increase the reaction time when I don't know I ball comes into the middle of the road from a kid playing in the street or. A tree falling I you know there's there's of any number of things that could happen Russell looking at increased braking reaction time especially if your feet are not in the pedal area as this article says right. That will have a huge impact on on sort of your breaking reaction time and so not only are you not able to swerve out of the way but you are not able to break as easily. There's also a greater speed variability and slower means speed when you are distracted driving and slow speed can be dangerous to. You know they they and and when we talk about speed variability we're talking about kind of not a consistent speed which can also be dangerous for drivers around you because they can't anticipate your movements if you are distracted doing other things and hitting the gas and hitting the brakes at and infrequent inconsistent rate. And I'm sort of the that we talked about the lane deviations in the lane departures within the context of the article that's another thing that can happen as an effective distracted driving and lastly kind of you can follow cars closer when you are distracted too because you are not sort of doing the recommended counting in your head of paces behind a vehicle for every. You know 10 kilometers per hour or 10 miles per hour that you are going. And so that is kind of distracted driving and not shell risky driving behaviors in a nutshell any other final thoughts on that stuff before we start talking about this article in the context of all this I guess the one thing that we haven't talked about the toll is motivation in the mid the seeds of that risk misbehaves all the others all risk behaviors that we talked about tend to be. Some you got to be because you've you've ended up in a circumstance so you might be accidental selected driving you've drank something and then thought drive whatever with the article that we talked about date they are taken by the specific **** and they're doing that the 2 acts together so you know you talk about why they do that for us but so they actually want to engage in risky behavior that's that's part of the I guess that's part of the thrill of the part of the motivation behind doing it which may be something that we should be picking up in the the article discussion but again it it looks about why we you dig back into why would people be motivated to take on such a risky behavior and we see that across also parts of life as well let people take part in a risky acts for the adrenaline buzz for for that type of thing so that's something to look into it much visual bit but why that why you take by not selected in the first place not that that's a great point I mean you know when we talk about motivation you're talking about some of these instances like drunk driving where you're sort of. Judgment might be impaired right. Drug impaired same thing judgment might be impaired seat belt driving seatbelt safety you might just not have the knowledge of you know how how effective it is at saving your life you might just be uncomfortable and that to me is more of an active choice but since that so such a high use rate I don't wanna focus too much on that one when it comes to speeding and aggressive driving obviously if something happens that agitates you and and irritates your I don't know status quo then then you are more likely to engage in risky behaviors because again your judgment is impaired and when it comes to drowsy driving again we have that judgment impaired thing now distracted driving is kind of the one that's interesting because your judgment is not necessarily impaired by any external factors here. You are sort of it choosing to engage in some of these behaviors whether it's looking at your phone or. You know responding to a text message or having sex and in this article right and so yeah it's really interesting thank you for bringing up that motivation right so. Let's talk about the article discussion is there any like key take aways that you want to talk about here bury in terms of distracted driving as it relates to having sex in the vehicle while it's moving. There is a certain elements here about firstly how did you get from the to do that and 109 it's a lot from them I am it is interesting that they've that the way that they bought a lot of that I don't that they that they focus on this this area of destruction when actually destruction can take a broad variety of is we talked outside that there's loads of stuff the company destructive around that I am so I guess the the. An interesting bit around is if you'll look at his behavior on. On the internet then it's not going to increase the ability the the risk of then you want to copy that. In that activity so how do you make sure that that that beat that read you know. He's not the right thing to do should we should they be putting that sort of that material on that Mani I mean the bit that I mentioned didn't in my country is the impact on the future catecholamines and autonomy and I realize I'm just stolen 2 viewpoints that's fair enough but the the autonomy piece I think is really interesting because we've already seen some accidents involving because the Hubbell Hubbell Thomas capability when people know the damage we saw that with the hands ready to go around the steering wheel and they don't they've been you know the the bin and engaging in behavior that they knew was not what was required of them to to drive in some cases have been like in the back seat in the the business leave the. Can you almost in any one of them that that behaves oppose that we talked about the autonomy element makes up. More likely that full it does lend itself to but we'll be seeing more of this sexual activity while Ste must it wasn't account because it it it allows the driver to be not to pay as much attention to the road also still get points now what do you know about yet that's that's great no I think these points are great and I think the the interesting piece to me also I'll jump on to the automated vehicles because there's kind of a late breaking story that just happened this week we posted in our our news roundup on our blog. You can go check that out and it's actually a candidate for next week's story so if you want to hear about that join us on Twitter vote in the poll or become a patron and vote there but US regulators here in the states no longer require fully autonomous vehicles to have human controls so we are starting to go the way of where they there doesn't need to be any sort of human input on these autonomous vehicles and so acts like this might become more and more prevalent. And you know it does kind of bring into question like the whole human in the loop concept right how do you and if I keep the human engage with what's going on around you in case there is an emergency scenario someone crashes into you while you're having sex in a vehicle that's automated like what how do you how do you react to that when you are distracted or even you know as simple as something where you are working on a project on your laptop because you know you're just it's all automated you don't need to worry about it Hey give the human in the loop so it brings up that whole. Question I think one thing that I really appreciate is kind of the authors one of the authors on Twitter they they have this whole thread here and they kind of. Highlighted the importance of doing this type of research and yes there are there are questions about controls but when you think about having sort of a a a study like this there's there's a bunch of things that need to go right in order to have a true experimental study. Yeah and while and and this is sort of self reported. Acts and I wonder to like how much of this is professional where they have you know kind of a car in tow on a trolley right or or is this like user submitted where it is actual people performing these acts in a vehicle that's moving. I don't know that that be an interesting question to kind of break down and sort of these 270 videos that they looked at. So I think like I said the the the thing that I really appreciated that this author really breaks down sort of the importance of this you already mentioned the future vehicles you already mentioned the copy cat behaviors I think there's another one here. That's kind of getting at how we think about distraction and really. Starting to think about these distractions and very complex tasks right I think that is these distracted driving behaviors that really do take the visual the manual on the cognitive distraction all in one go but then there's also these nested tasks that they talk about such as undressing. And that is sort of a complex distraction to sort of describe these nested interactions where you are doing something else within a larger task and so. When we think about sort of our conceptualization of distraction all these things are really important and I think kind of the final note here is that this is an incredibly risky behavior. And like like you said in the in the the blurb that this really does require a lot of different industries to kind of look at this right health how do you communicate that this is not a healthy behavior to engage in while you are on the road transportation you know I'd I would like to see how prevalent this issue is honestly like where the reports from like the N. H. TSA or any other governments. You know I Highway Administration like where where the reports and how many of those in fact are as a result of sex while driving and. Is it really that big of an issue to to talk about or is this kind of a very niece area that still is kind of fun and cheeky to talk about I don't know. Yeah it's going to require a bunch of different sources to kind of solve this issue. And as it becomes more prevalent with these automated vehicles any other closing thoughts on this one bury this it's a fun one. I guess is this 21 is if there is more research required then next email address is and also if you listen back to using 22 next final closing comments you'll notice that you put in a lot of that because his mom's listing and they made out that it doesn't it doesn't look at any of these sorts of websites at all which I thought was very clever and my mom's listings I don't I don't need to get away with that but no I think it is interesting I'd like talk I like research like this the is willing to cross bars he's willing to make because think about what we're doing and not yes it people it's it's it's sort of embarrassing and stuff like that people don't like talk about sex and who also stuff but he we absolutely have to on a whole range of topics but this is quite because it is dangerous it it you know when I get why people do this also phone exciting on that sort of stuff but it's dangerous so yes so what are what are going to be the impact of this going on and also comfort surely you've got to make sure them that the the seats in the car comfortable to do this I think which is also here what does it do they do they recline far enough you know that texting is it do they do they go back far enough so that you can get your feet in the pedal area if there's all these all these gatherings obviously yeah what what berry I think we handled that quite well I'm I'm very proud of us. I thought we were very good about the whole thing. Thank you to our patrons for this week and thank you to everyone who participated in our Twitter poll for selecting a topic and thank you to our friends over at Queensland university of technology for new story this week this was really enjoyable to talk about you want to follow along we do post links to all the original articles on our weekly round ups in our blog you can also join us on our discord for more sexy discussion on this story and more we're gonna take a quick break and we'll be back to see what's going on in the human factors community right after this human factors cast brings you the best in human factors news interviews conference coverage and overall fun conversations into each and every episode we produce but we can't do it without you. The human factors cast network is 100 percent listener supported all the funds are going to running the show come from our listeners our patrons are our priority and we want to ensure we're giving back to you for supporting us pledges start at just $1 per month and include rewards like access to our weekly Q. and a is with the hosts personalized professional reviews and human factors minute patriotic only weekly podcast where the host breakdown unique obscure and interesting human factors topics in just one minute patron rewards are always evolving so stop by Petri slash human factors cast to see what support level may be right for you thank you and remember it depends. Yes you take you as always to our patrons we especially want to thank our honorary human factors cast staff patron Michelle Tripp thank you so much for your continued support helps the show keep going we're always looking for more patrons because the more we get obviously the more we can expand our capability and accessibility to others we talked about this in the pre show up but I do wanna talk a little bit about our discord. We do have a discord server it's if you want to go to it it's go.human factors slash discord very easy U. R. L. to get to. This this is a great opportunity for you to get involved with other human factors professionals from all over the world were always having great conversations in there and I like to take this moment to kind of highlight some of these conversations right now I asked a question in there earlier this week about kind of what's the worst mistake that you made in recent history and we got some good answers in there I won't spoil them here you got to go to the you got to go to the discard to check those out but Barry and I responded to that one you know additionally there are questions about sort of breaking into the store you acts in human factors work from other domains that's that's another conversation thread that's going on right now. In terms of kind of tailoring your past work for getting into the field of human factors you axe research that type of thing so there's always great conversations going on over there highly encourage anyone who's listening if you want to get involved with the community. Please go check it out United you can also chat with others in our voice channels all occasionally jump in there while I'm looking for new stories. And you know if you are interested in the digital media lab we do have you know all of our lab chat is kind of done through the discord platform hidden to the public but you can interact with all of our lab members and can ask them questions if it's something that you're curious about and you're interested in that type of thing it's an incredibly effective tool anyway discord bump done I think it's time that we get into this next part of the show we like to call came. Yes it came from this week all right it and this is the part of the show where we search all over the internet to bring you topics that the community is topping up talking about do you find any of these useful wherever you're watching listening please give us a like to help other people find this content so that way it might help them to bury I have selected a somewhat controversial topic because you did one last week. On on what was it the the paper prototyping I have chosen 1 this week on hand writing I wanna talk about this 1 first evangelizing that U. acts and you why designers or human factors practitioners improve their hand writing to be more on par with industrial designers and architects why in front of clients handwriting is an autobiography it creates clarity builds trust and increases confidence this is by such geo to 22 on the user experience separate it that's it that's the post it is a link to a video you can watch it there we'll put the link in the description it triggered me berry here we are what do you think about this concept do you X. folks you why folks and human factors folks need to have good hand writing in order to sort of communicate concepts in front of clients. No next question I am he he so from my perspective my handwriting terrible so you know I'll I'll put mine my thing out there that's why type most most of them but I think. The main point I think that I use this is a fine work shopping and that could be white building on post its and things like that. It kind of for me get settled a lot of the the passion that you're talking with and lives on notes and that type of thing the role very much of its time and you will be transcribed them later on the on the outside thanks if I was writing longhand reports then yes might bite by 2 would have to get a lot better but D. I don't I think if I could if I could write neater than yes that that would be an obvious advantage I'm not I'm definitely not saying that but I'm not gonna sit there and slow down my creative souls just to get my handwriting so if you can see it's possibly not. M.. I guess the you you look at different schools in the room if if recently with better handwriting than me then I'll pick on them to to do the to the Y. boat stuff but I think it's no you should be picky I don't think it should be picking on people for that for the step the handwriting it's more the you'll likely to get more people to turning off engaging with with what with your activity if you're going to take them on the wall on the weather there right. That said you should all be legible notes host of but near home I'd rather people got involved the N. word about what how they're writing was gonna look like. Yeah this is like. The **** I I triggered me because I I think. Your resources can be spent in so much other better more efficient ways then improving your hand writing right why don't you improve your research methodology why don't you improve the the tools in which you're that the tools and methods in which you're collecting user data the way in which you communicate now I would I would argue that communication is an absolutely critical skill that you should invest in because understanding what somebody is saying reading between the lines of what they're saying and asking clarifying questions about what they are saying is key to getting good data that's going to inform your design so with that said hand writing is not gonna do any of that. This is this is this makes me mad. What makes me mad it's such a bad take it's such a bad take don't don't worry about your hand writing if it sucks it sucks but Texas one yeah yeah it's not the end of the world and it's not that people who. Advocate that this is. Sort of the next way to go I don't know it just it it leaves a bad taste in my mouth anyway there's a controversial one for this week get it out of the way the topic we're gonna get into this and. We'll get into this next one this is how to cope with job rejections after receiving positive feedback this is written by dream in white on the user experience I've read it. They're going to write hi everyone I was wondering if you guys have any advice on how to cope with job projections particularly when interviewers respond with quote very positive feedback. But not quote the right fit for the role at the moment it has been really disheartening getting several rejections after doing multiple interviews only to get this type of feedback I'm not sure if they are just saying that to make you feel better if I could genuinely be doing something better also do you guys have any advice on how I can do any better I felt good coming out of each interview but get these rejections ultimately I'm not sure where I'm going wrong they go on to write they going to provide a few examples I'm going to but to summarize basically the companies are effectively citing timing and fit for the reason that they weren't hired so berry how do you cope with job projections have you ever had a job rejection how do you cope with it. I am I have been rejected for many jobs I needs I guess more recently started of C. having run my own company full of the past 10 years I guess the Jacksons we get more of now is when we maybe go of contracts and when we do we lose the contract we don't win the contract you know we'll get feedback to those really good in the cellular and you like yeah because I could why didn't why didn't I get it. All you can do I mean fundamentally the person who's hiring for that job will hire the candidate that they think is the best full day job and. On the one hand we I I really I'm a big fan of employment law and the discrimination laws that make sure that you are treated fairly when you go going to going to an interview that you are you know you get you get 2 minutes committed against own sex cult color creed all that so stuff you'll very much taken out the the technical ability what you do but fundamentally that the pastors hiring is going to have the kind that that they want to hire and my book kind of took on this however many. And the rest the rest of us understand gonna get a job and the study I feel when I try to let people down I don't really want to go back to people and say you know you all full you were rubbish interested like you and that's what you want to give them to you to give people feedback that they can constructively go back and use that and I've I've interviewed quite a few candidates in the fight we did we did it start at the start of this year the service.last year when we what we had some amazing comes it's common come and talk and it was you know a haze whiskey between who we were hiring and and and the second the price so you you don't go back and say that you know it was close these are the great bay things the best way that we think you could improve. You've just got to take them out the face value take the take the good bad the feedback that you gold build one on the plus points work on the on the perceived weaknesses that that that the Mike to be highlighted but also don't forget that the sometimes that you might have to try to weaken highlighted because of all the have to say something. Mmhm and so I think a lot of this particular if you're getting this off the back where where you get really good feedback most the time it is a case so it's not you it's me. M. as it is the higher as they just did they just. Chosen they they chose the kind that they want that they feel is the best is the best fit for that job role organization I need it just is what it is I'm afraid I think I am sorry for my perspective Nick what do you think of you have been rejected for a job yes I have and. It's it's almost worse than a lot of ways when you don't hear back and so I guess be thankful that you are hearing back even in the first place so you know you can you can think that you have like this amazing sort of report with the team and with you know everybody involved in the hiring process and you feel like you gel with company but honestly could be any number of things that they chose not to hire you for an berry like you said it could be kind of just teetering on the line flip a coin who gets it right like there's a lot of good candidates out there and if for whatever reason somebody is just a better fit culturally then that might be a consideration right it could be a culture fit it could be. A convenience that you know you might you might not live as close even though your remote you might not live as close to the rest of the team and that might be a consideration to. There's just 1000000 different things and what it could be as I wouldn't sit and ruminate on it I know it's hard not to do. But my advice is kind of. You know ask these questions that you're asking this this reddit ask these questions them right like Hey do you have any advice on what I can do to improve for the next person the next company that I apply to write and ask them for some of that Gen genuine feedback and if they're good company and want to provide some of that they will what you have to lose right there is that they already said they're not gonna hire you so you might as well get something out of that process and and sort of really analyze what went well what didn't and maybe try to figure out what it could be but don't drive yourself mad doing that. There's there's just a lot of things that could be don't beat yourself up over it just your head down keep applying you'll get there. Yeah look old you keep looking forward don't look back look forward yeah what head down to the work and then look for yes yeah. All right let's get into this last one here do you need a portfolio for you X. research this is by the and T. E. non anti non by on the U. S. that user experience I brought it. The applying to you X. design jobs and internships but my main experience is just volunteer nonprofit work that's competitive out there I like design a lot but I also understand that you access in U. acts the research is the foundation of everything else I will start looking into those jobs to. I have some short term experience in research research sprinter schools design lab developing user research plans and feedback the it's better but my resume right now is tailored to design what sort of skills and knowledge are they looking for applications how important is my portfolio in U. X. research versus you X. design what can I do to make myself a good candidate especially for associate or junior roles very well there's there's a lot today sector actually. What what are your thoughts so firstly there's no such thing as just a volunteer not for profit work volunteer work book is working and whether it but the paid for and know how you feel how your engage with it he's got nothing to do with but the true value most people I find to do all the work actually put more effort into the volunteer within the do that to do the paperwork because because the way that they have our minds work around it's it's we had both drinks but you are right it is competitive out there I don't get hung up that much about the different in in the U. X. and human factors failed Jim we generally I find that people know a little bit of everything and then have the stuff that they like to do so I think the user you know but by having this big divide between the research and the design elements they both sort of kind of blended into each other to some extent if you go some experience that a great but you want to do more than if you bring that out show that you can do to both sides. Yeah it took for your PO 40 away just because you think it's in in the wrong sign show something that's that's balanced and because. Fundamentally when you get to interview when you get to apply for roles really what they're looking for is you looking for your personnel to the looking for your drive your commitment to. I've had city experiences where I went for one job and it was all around and there you have a few of factors I'd never done before never I just hadn't even been anywhere near its end but I sold it to them and told them what I was like the sort of stuff I get involved in the sort of like do you drive I love learning new techniques new ideas and that type of thing on the line of you don't have the skills we're looking for both to you you know you should be committed to the mission we felt we could pick them up it's not rocket science blah blah and and and get the real which was which was great and then enjoyed growing myself within within that piece so yeah I think lucky self as much as anything else we know we can do and tell people what you want the way you want to go what you wanna do most good companies if that if they see the the post onto within you will help you good direction to go in. Yeah yeah I I I have a problem with labeling a thing our research portfolio. When you think about you X. designer design in general it makes sense to have a portfolio of work in which you have sort of these examples of past work that you can point to and say look here's the process that I used for this these are the components that I use for this because of X. Y. NZ this is kind of the process but when it comes to research really your research is your body of work that you've worked on before and really you're gonna want to take anything that's relevant to the job that you're applying and sort of make a job talk out of it in a lot of cases you're gonna do like a presentation or some sort of overview about the breadth and depth of research that you've conducted and talk a lot about the methodology that you employ and not necessarily you know some of the outcomes are the pretty screens or whatever that comes out of it so I have a problem with calling something a you X. research portfolio when you think about you know like Hey I've done this methodology and this is where I've applied it I mean take note of that but don't you don't need a website to say that or you don't need sort of this fancy. You know tool online through figma that shows you like everything that you've done no just talk about it make a power point that's good enough for most people because really what you're doing in those roles is not designed you're doing research. And so I don't know just. Take a look at the body of work that you've done and pull out the research stuff now in terms of the specific person that you know they're looking for how do Y. sort of re frame some of the stuff that I've done in design work and am not towards research you can do that. I'm not going to spoil the answer to that because we have the answer to that in our discord go check it out there. But but really the gist is that you have work that you've done reframe it and and try to make it more palatable to the role that you want. Okay. We've made it through it's time for that that one more thing no introduction just one more thing. So. Could you do what I do I'm gonna go with one more thing as opposed to I'm I'm not notice but he's just been he wails it rains a lot he's been winter and all that sort of with no nice weather and for the past few days it's been really nice and I've been out I've been outside I've been doing some it's a D. I. Y. but no justice the stuff that is in the house and I knocked and I should be doing my mother my wife says I should be doing all this I haven't done any of that begins and I've been enjoying it brings a woodworking and creating any workbench and and all this other stuff a bit god thank I should help my mental health so much I've just felt like a different person this week like a lot more optimistic in a low blow will move forward looking and I just really enjoyed it so yay for nice weather and yet for this past week that's probably the lack of cove it too is probably why you're feeling like a brand new person while gas so you get the coverage they cover it very has left the body which is good and I did another test today a friend of mine tested positive to the inside I took another test just in case maybe come back or something but note that yes that pastry but some nice weather as well yeah well good I'm I'm really happy for you yes the weather is changing we're gonna go see the cherry blossoms this weekend so that'll be fun. For me my one more thing I've I've talked about my mental health here the show before I recently diagnosed with ADHD I'm gonna talk about drugs I was recently prescribed new drugs because I wasn't quite sure how effective the last batch was and I won't name specific names here but this this one operates very differently from the other ones that I have tried and. I'm it is both wonderful and I'm really difficult to deal with so during the day I take these things I'm like very very focused and productive with what I'm working on when they start wearing off in the evening I get really irritable it is like it is so annoying because in my head I'm like don't get irritable like it's very it's a very small thing it's gonna set you off why is it setting up that's so weird I'm and it's just it's it's so weird the way that some of these interactions with your brain chemistry work and I just find it endlessly fascinating to like I am treating this like trial and error right like this this is going to be like a month long maybe a month point 5 long trial at various dosages and. Various combinations with other medication that I'm taking and so it's like it's it is this interesting way to approach it from like a scientist perspective of like well how how is my body reacting and I'm I'm trying to like take that objective perspective and be like yes I am very much more irritable when this thing wears off and I can feel it wearing off and I can feel it coming on again I am noticing in a market increase in my productivity at work and I am you know like I'm I'm writing notes about this that way come back to my. My prescriber and say oh here's here's everything that's going on I am treating it like an experiment and I'm comparing or contrasting across groups. Yeah it's it's it's very fascinating and I would love to talk to anybody else who has had a similar experience because it's just I don't know that's something I have an experience before. Anyway. That's gonna be it for today everyone do you like this episode and enjoy some of the discussion about the strike the driving and how he might be able to eliminate that with AI and automation in vehicles encourage you to go listen to episode 227 well how cars of the future my understand our passengers come wherever you're listening what you think of a story this week for more in depth discussion like I said you can join us on our discord. Replaced for everything else you can visit our official website sign up for our newsletter stay up to date with all the latest in the factors news you like what you hear you will support the show there's a couple things that you can do one every year at right now stop there was a 5 star review that's free for you to do takes a little bit of your time but it really helps us show too if you're so willing tell other people about the show that really helps the show grow because it comes at your recommendation that you in fact are enjoying what you're listening to 3 if you're financially able and want to help support the show help support others died coming more accessible or providing more tools for us to use internally in the lab and always to consider supporting us on Patreon as always links to all of our socials and a website in the description of this episode Mr berry Kirby thank you for being on the show today and talking about this taboo topic with us where can our listeners going find you if they want to talk about explicit acts that they can perform in moving vehicles. I think this probably had her Twitter account for that I bought my tickets for Saturday's that buys a disco okay you can find me on that any time well if you listen to some music we get that we talk about with the interview side of things and travel to the human factors podcast is it 12 to we almost made it through as for me I've been because thick Rome you can find the across social media at Nick _ Rome thanks again for tuning into human factors cast until next time. The end.

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