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Nov. 30, 2021

Oil Spill Prevention | Human Factors Minute | #TeamSeas Bonus Episode

Oil Spill Prevention | Human Factors Minute | #TeamSeas Bonus Episode

..and now for another Human Factors Minute!
Oil …

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..and now for another Human Factors Minute! Oil spills happen in rivers, bays and the ocean and are most often caused by accidents involving tankers, barges and oil rigs, among other facilities . But a common cause across all of these oil spills is people making mistakes In the oil and gas industry, Human Factors is an essential component in the effort to operate in a safe and efficient manner to prevent oil spillage. Some areas in which Human Factors has a key role include: -Design of tools, equipment and user interfaces in a way that augments the user’s work performance -Human and organizational factors in risk assessments and emergency preparedness planning -Human behaviour and cognition in accident causation -Efficient decision making and teamwork in stressful or critical situations like oil spills -Safety culture and safety behaviour improvement programs (including leadership) -Organizational reliability The goal is to proactively identify risks and improvement opportunities, apply best practices, and support implementation in business and operational functions. This is just one of the many ways in which Human Factors can contribute to ensure minimal waste makes it to the ocean To donate to #teamseas or to find out more about the #teamseas campaign, visit This has been another Human Factors Minute! Guest hosted by Barry Kirby

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Barry Kirby

Managing Director

A human factors practitioner, based in Wales, UK. MD of K Sharp, Fellow of the CIEHF and a bit of a gadget geek.