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Feb. 21, 2017

Human Factors Cast E030 - This is Rocket Science

Human Factors Cast E030 - This is Rocket Science

Today is February 20, 2017 and it's an all new Hu…

Today is February 20, 2017 and it's an all new Human Factors Cast hosted by Nick Roome with Billy Hall and Blake Arnsdorff. -AR for blind -Missile mistake -Firebreathing drones -Facebook knows more about you than your mom -SpaceX launches satellite -MRIs diagnosing autism -Donate your medical data -Improved electrodes for HBIs -Microsoft Drone Simulator 2017 -Doom in Porche 911 -Hey 'puter -Model S saves the day -Flying cars are here! -...hoverbikes too! -VR, medicine and children -Airports will know your face Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Soundcloud: Follow Nick: Follow Billy: Follow Blake: Take a deeper look into the human element in our ever changing digital world. Human Factors Cast is a podcast that investigates the sciences of psychology, engineering, biomechanics, industrial design, physiology and anthropometry and how it affects our interaction with technology. As an online source for human factors, psychology, and design news, Human Factors Cast is your essential resource for new, exciting stories in the field.

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