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Feb. 5, 2019

E119 - Robot Valet, Laughing Brain Surgery, and CAPTCHAs

E119 - Robot Valet, Laughing Brain Surgery, and CAPTCHAs

Today is February 4nd, 2019 and it's an all new H…

Today is February 4nd, 2019 and it's an all new Human Factors Cast hosted by Nick Roome with Blake Arnsdorff. Win a trip to HFES Healthcare Symposium 2019! HUMAN FACTORS NEWS Ford is letting some designers build cars in virtual reality Britain's Gatwick Airport Is Experimenting With Robot Valets to Park Cars Doctors Zap the Brains of Awake Brain Surgery Patients to Make Them Laugh and Have Fun Why CAPTCHAs have gotten so difficult Support us on Patreon: Follow us on LinkedIn: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Soundcloud: Follow us on YouTube: Our official website: Follow Nick: Follow Blake: Video/photo editing by Offlineable: Join us on Slack: Take a deeper look into the human element in our ever changing digital world. Human Factors Cast is a podcast that investigates the sciences of psychology, engineering, biomechanics, industrial design, physiology and anthropometry and how it affects our interaction with technology. As an online source for human factors, psychology, and design news, Human Factors Cast is your essential resource for new, exciting stories in the field.

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