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May 31, 2022

Human Factors News Monthly Roundup (May 2022)

Human Factors News Monthly Roundup (May 2022)

Human Factors News Monthly Roundup (May 2022) 

Welcome to the Human Factors Cast Monthly News Roundup, a monthly roundup of all news related to Human Factors, Psychology, Design, and Technology as it relates to humans. These stories have been talked about on Human Factors Cast'sweekly podcast or have been identified in our weekly news roundups.  Want this in your RSS/Feed reader? Grab our RSS Feed here.

This month was full of a ton of fun stories that we had a blast talking about. In addition to our normal shows, we also had a chance to sit down and cover EHF2022. We also tried a something different this time by capturing some of the stories/articles we found behind paywalls.  Let us know if you like this approach! We're constantly evaluating new ways to make these news roundups useful for the community. 

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Conference Coverage

Ergonomics and Human Factors Conference 2022 Recap

Check out our coverage where we talk to President-Elect of CIEHF Barry Kirby (We know that guy!), to discuss latest Ergonomics and Human Factors Conference from the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors.

Top News

These consist of news stories that we have featured on our weekly podcast. If you are not familiar with the show, we let our Patreons decide which topics we discuss on the show each week from these types of news stories.

Humanity’s broken risk perception is reversing global progress in a ‘spiral of self-destruction’, finds new UN report

From Butcher Bots to Robo Burger Flippers: 6 Ways the Food Industry's Turning to Tech in 2022

VR Researchers Have Basically Figured Out How to Simulate the Feel of Kisses

Human Factors News

These consist of news stories that we have not covered on the show, but are still worthy of sharing!

Aerospace Systems / Aviation


Automated Systems

Children's Issues

Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making





Health Care

Human-AI-Robot Teaming

Human-Computer Interaction


Occupational Ergonomics

Perception and Performance

Product Design


Surface Transportation / Travel

Usability and System Evaluation

Virtual Environments

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Weekly News Roundups (May 2022)