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May 3, 2022

Human Factors Weekly News (05/03/22)

Human Factors Weekly News (05/03/22)

Human Factors Weekly News

Welcome to the Human Factors Cast Weekly News Roundup, a weekly roundup of all news related to Human Factors, Psychology, Design, and Technology as it relates to humans. These stories are selected as potential topics for Human Factors Cast'sweekly podcast.  Want this in your RSS/Feed reader? Grab our RSS Feed here.

This week we've got some really great stories on new ways to kiss (virtually), how tech is revolutionizing the fast food industry, and the broken toilet on the ISS. Of particular interest is new training on standards in Aerospace and Defense. We've also made a brand new section for stuff hidden behind paywalls! There's lots here, so let's get to it...

Our Top News Stories

These consist of news stories that we feel have enough substance to them to justify a 20-30 minute segment on the podcast. OurPatreonsdecide which topics we discuss on the show from these types of news stories.

Human Factors News

These consist of news stories that have a human factors application, but may just be a brief one-liner (e.g. not a whole lot to talk about but cool enough for us to share).

Peer Reviewed Human Factors Journal Articles (Paywalled)

These consist of human factors related peer reviewed journal articles that require a paywall to see. 

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