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Sept. 12, 2021

Neuroergonomics Conference 2021 Preview | #NEC21 | Bonus Episode

Recorded on September 9th, 2021, hosted by Nick Roome and Blake Arnsdorff.

Recorded on September 9th, 2021, hosted by Nick Roome and Blake Arnsdorff.
| Join us as we preview #NEC21

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Welcome to human factors yeah your weekly podcast for human factors psychology and design. Hello everybody welcome back to another episode of human factors gas is a special bonus episode where we are taking a look at the neuro economics conference 2021 recording this live on 9/9/2021 I'm your host Nick Rome I'm joined today by Mr Blake are in store for hello how's everybody doing Hey man I'm good so we're gonna actually sit here will break down the schedule of events for the neuro economics conference I'm gonna take a look at just kind of what's going on. If you are watching live with us or watching this we will bring up a little visual aid here but for everyone who is listening we'll talk through these so I do want to talk about just the schedule of events here. This will start on Saturday September 11 and so that first weekend it looks like it's all workshops right there's there Saturday September 11 so workshop Sunday September 12 is all workshops any of these workshops. Standing out to Blake. I would love to go through our workshop now this is not super applicable to anything I'm doing but the eye tracking in VR for active participants that would be fun it just be a nice skill builder to understand how to use eye tracking in a VR setting and things you could do with that. Also of course you know be a become a little bit of an MLB third so anything machine learning based and they've got a workshop also about machine learning for cognitive load interference with. Combining this with physiological signals that would be really cool to learn about because I just like the idea of algorithms and things but what are you Nick can kind of cool workshops you wish we could attend Blake those 2 were the ones that stood out to me as well. I think the other one that could be interesting here is virtual reality for behavioral research this one 's happening at 2:00 PM there's also a a unity workshop some wondering if it's you know a more kind of behind the scenes of what what you can do in unity there's a little bit more information here on the program itself and you can check this out for yourself or put a link down in the description of this episode you can find it. But yes I think I think those 3. You know we're kind of biased we have a lot of the same interests so I think those those 3 are kind of fun to look at what on Sunday here there's there's a couple of interesting ones that stand out to me on Sunday and I'm gonna pick them out first so that way you don't steal mine I'm looking at I. tracking in VR for active participants I think that one could be a really fun follow up to the first day because it's the same one I just realized I just pick the same one from the first day out 2 parter so look at that. You know and and so looks like a lot of these are 2 partners but I think some of the other ones that maybe aren't. 2 partners could be interesting such as the unfold toolbox workshop I have no idea what that is but it looks like it's the E. G. tool that combines AEGEE with I. tracking so that that's that's just the the short glimpse that I could take a look at their anything stand out to you on on the second day well here's one that kind of pops my brain and half is apparently there's you know how you know for E. G. is most of the time it's you're using a cap in your like measuring brain waves and stuff like that electrical stimulation well apparently there's an error module you can now measure EEGs with with a lot of reliable results and so they're doing a workshop on it specifically about how it could be useful in every day life I think that's amazing. I'm going to I'm actually going to say that of course part 2 of that unity workshop sounds awesome because I actually didn't know that they have an entire experimental framework that's developed in unity through steam's VR system I think that's what that would be amazing to learn about just understand like how you can use unity and experimental setting as a follow up to the first one. I have to say I would love to be a part of the social events here because I'd never been to that there are economics conference before it said it would be in a different country it for some people it's up going to the social Easter echoed be kind of fun just understand what it's like to mingle with people from this specific region and people from around the world are interested in their Organon X. yeah there's 2 to be fair here there's a lot of opportunities for social interaction I think it's really important especially with his virtual venue we kind of preview the venue on the show before it's kind of like the digital digital game where like it's almost like an MMO where you can walk around and interact with the environment it's a it's a conference in a game is what it looks like it's in this software called gather or gather town is the location of the conference because it's of all virtual event I want to get into Monday's. Stuff going on here we do have you know an opening so introductions and awards typically see these at conferences but I'm really excited about this keynote speech here this is 2:00 PM this is central European standard time so for us I think this is like 4:00 AM which I will definitely be up for which is saying something here this is body representation in virtual reality this is by Mel Slater and basically they're gonna talk about. You know how experimental studies are are measuring the body because the body is always there but in virtual reality it might not be. Mmhm I think this is really interesting any thoughts on on this keynote here Blake. That sounds amazing I mean that was the first thing I was gonna pick out from this list for sure because that's such a cool problem to have to deal with we are talking about VR and how you can handle that and how people perceive it what it means for a March and that kind of cool stuff. Yeah I think this conference has a lot of stuff that's right up our alley so you have showcases over the next hour you know that you have a passive BCI grand challenge. And so that would be cool to attend sounds a lot like the student design competition from H. FES many of a planetary on brain computer interfaces. And. This this is awesome because we talked a lot about BC eyes on the show before it be cool to hear about it from the people who are actually working on this stuff because you and I believe we've not worked on B. C. eyes we talked about neural link and and kind of the sexy headlines on the show but actually sitting down and listening to the people working on this stuff for mental task based brain computer interfaces. Would just be it's gonna be awesome I'm so looking forward to this and and I'm actually getting more excited now as we're talking about a really good feeling it's now. Yeah because this particular one is actually dealing with like things I would really be interested in because this is that application base BCI so what can we actually do with them in the wild if you will and there is this whole talk it sounds like or some of the papers that are in here are really focused on user training decision making how can be augmented so get out this is going to be a killer talk man and then if that's not enough you have a follow up talk for. Aviation and transportation so you have several different. You know presentations here so it's just it's what you'd expect for a a you know a normal panel session at like H. FES. One thing I really like about this schedule of events is it actually has maps for where you can find these and this is in gather town now everyone knows right Matt we can see none nope it's not showing up. All right anyway they they have a link specifically for where you go so I presumably you put this in and find it so. Anyway I I think that's really cool I think some of these talks are gonna be really cool to attend you also have neuro economics in the wild so things like you know outside what's you know what auditory attended speaker decoding in saliency detection and mobile EEG devices so there's a really cool talks here and then we have these fire side events which are. From what I understand these fire side events are more like like Q. and A.'s with these folks we've been invited to a fireside event although I think some scheduling issues I don't know if we'll be able to it 10 but I think it's it's certainly a cool concept where you might just be able to stop by and say hello to somebody ask a question. Ed yeah we're talking logistics and transport with staffs group mia cucina sorry if I messed that up and then we also have new media so there sounds like some cool topics there you also have a speed dating event you this like a networking event I'm sure that you see in other places and then you have posters ending out the day. Help man I gotta say this conference is very well put together in terms of content from my perspective because it looks like a good a really really good bland of talk show cases but also like just content itself of being research focus but also application focus because one thing that I was actually really stepped on for Monday is they've got a set of start ups are gonna pitch ideas to a lot of these researchers trying getting trying to get them interested in some of the ideas of they're coming up with. And specifically enduro tack and how their organ our XP up lied to like tech in the field so there is just so awesome you know array of different types of not only research but applied work that's being showcased throughout this conference that's just really well done on their part yeah let's get into Tuesday so this is Tuesday September 14 the conference starts at one this day and I think I think if I like it in the afternoon for central because that means we wake up super early at 4:00 AM but I think it's also a pretty acceptable time for a lot of folks around the world wow you saw something you see something yeah yes I don't know I talk about this 2 weeks ago we're talking about B. I think video games an attention so there's this awesome researcher who I've been infatuated with for years name Daphne bad I'm gonna say it would not last name wrong Babli AA but she is the one that got me so excited about video games neuroscience how can impact training in those kind of things it looks like she's actually talking about first person shooters and some training regiment stuff at this conference that's amazing you should reach out interview yeah for real that would be that I couldn't do it and have to have you do it would be just too far and wide for it yeah no seriously because this this like this particular researchers lab and heard lines of research just really enamored me when I was in school so this is really amazing cool very awesome yeah lets get in its Tuesday so like you said there's the keynote this is it too but before that you have more workshops about EEG applications and narrower economics you also have more posters so and then like Blake said you have the keynote yep more talks on health care and methods which is going to be really interesting to sit through sounds like there's some really good talks in there especially again as we're kind of looking at decision for mental economics thing that's and methods and then you also have things like stress variations and stress testing in B. R. I. tracking systems. So like there's some pretty cool stuff there right. We also have a a panel women in your organization really important hopefully we can cover that you also have another keynote here almost towards the end of the day it looks like it rounds it out before the. Before the fire side chat and social so you have this keynote here which is the for the future of work so you know as work environments and work practices rapidly evolve you know what kind of the future is going to look like so looking forward that talk as well anything else with Tuesday Blake. I'm just I'm really never buy this methods portion because I'd never gonna mix is not something I'm super first enter familiar with I have a text book that I you know pull water once again when I want to blow my mind but it would be amazing to sit through these different variations I have on Tuesday of methods they're using because that's everything from things you can apply normally to using complex tools like you tease me and she is so that would be amazing that just sit through and kind of absorb. Yeah all right let's get into Wednesday here so again more posters in the morning you're a plenary session here learning and cognitive enhancement. So let's see there's there's a lot of things in here physiological synchrony for monitoring attentional engagement in the group harnessing embodied cognition but learned sign language in VR a lot of your stuff I'm I'm really into this and then from Phineas Gage to current research on executive function in the field of narrow economic so there's a lot of there's a lot of variety in here which I'm really excited for. I got this keynote digital biomarker markers which also sounds interesting and they're looking at it specifically in cars and devices. Any anything stand out to you Blake so far. I'm trying to read through this abstract for digital biomarkers and it just it is way over my head but sounds very interesting to sit through and kind of like sift through some of the information to understand what's going on because this this apparently could have you know a lot of different social societal effects in a way to like understand how to you know mitigate various events that go on in the world like covert and how we handle it I said that is awesome one thing that I'm interested in kind of sitting through this is my aviation background showing but looks like they have a fireside chat that's specific to the aviation world I would imagine because it's got representatives for a lot of big air airplane companies aviation companies would be cool to see where that line is being connected between neuro economics and aviation. Yeah I agree I'm. You also have a plenary session on mobile imaging and noninvasive brain stimulation so while the ethics of A. I. A. for neuro technologies. And then on to round out the day like you said you have the fire side chats about the aviation and then leader training and selection and then lastly here we have this last one Thursday September 6 sixteenth again to start the day with posters plenary session on applied neurotechnology. Memory and methods to human factors in industry and work and then looks like talk on cognitive functioning and social neuroeconomics closing future of neuroeconomics ceremony so I like how they kind of round out that last day with a forward looking. You know what what is this field look like. Absolutely yeah one thing that really is shocking to me because I feel like this field is very diverse in terms of what it could include but this like applied neuro tech talk that it's in the afternoon on Thursday is really focus on actually robot design and the implications of designing them with social signals like understanding social signals or not and search it kind of like turning the paradigms of what we would expect a robot to be designed like on its head been going to the pros and cons so there's a lot of really interesting things to go through it again some more there is gaming things as well throughout the day and it looks like there's also an exoskeleton talk and how B. C. eyes can be put in combination with that this is really cool man yeah anyway this is just a quick little sample I know this is like a preview episode of the conference we hope you are excited as it for the near our economics conference as we are but that's gonna be it for now let us know what you guys think of this type of coverage we're we preview these conferences with all the things that we're excited about can always hang out of us on our slack or discord get to us on any of our social channels visit our official website sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with all the latest human factors news and conference coverage if you like what you hear you wanna support the show there's a couple ways you can do that one you can go and leave us a 5 star review that's free for you to do 2 you can tell your friends about us word of mouth really helps the show grow especially around conferences where we get excited about this type of thing 3 consider supporting us on Patreon we are user listener supported all that money goes right back into the show we don't pocket at center and is always links to all of our socials website can be in the description of this episode I think Mr Blake arms store for hanging out with me and breaking down the preview of the neuro economics conference regular listeners going find you if they want to talk about your what what is it like a celebrity crush what is it we want to call it like a. It's like a. It is definitely a celebrity researcher crush for real but yeah you can always find me in the human factors cast slack or discord at Blake for across social media at don't panic you axe as for me I've been host Nick Rome you can find me geeking out about this on twitch every Monday at 4:00 PM Pacific and across social media at Nick _ Rome thanks again for tuning and human factors cast until next time. It depends. Human factors cast brings you the best in human factors news interviews conference coverage and overall fun conversations into each and every episode we produce but we can't do it without you. The human factors cast network is 100 percent listener supported all the funds are going to running the show come from our listeners our patrons are our priority and we want to ensure we're giving back to you for supporting us pledges start at just $1 per month and include rewards like access to our weekly Q. and a is with the hosts personalized professional reviews and human factors minute patriotic only weekly podcast where the host breakdown unique obscure and interesting human factors topics in just one minute patron rewards are always evolving so stop by Petri slash human factors cast to see what support level may be right for you thank you and remember it depends.