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Dec. 31, 2021

2021 Recap | Bonus Episode

We did it. We made it through 2021. Huge thank you to all of our listeners (old and new) that make it worth it for us to do the show. Seriously, we could not do this without you! Now let’s recap every single news story we looked at, but didn’t cover on the show. We’re looking at every single Human Factors News story of 2021!

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We did it. We made it through 2021. Huge thank you to all of our listeners (old and new) that make it worth it for us to do the show. Seriously, we could not do this without you! Now let’s recap every single news story we looked at, but didn’t cover on the show. We’re looking at every single Human Factors News story of 2021!

Recorded in December, 2021, hosted by Nick Roome, & Barry Kirby.

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Welcome to human factors yeah your weekly podcast for human factors psychology and design. Hey everybody welcome back to another episode human factors cast were pre recording this but it's set for release during the holidays in 2021 I'm your host Nick Rome I'm joined today by Mister berry Kirby hello and welcome hello and welcome everybody we got a great show for you tonight this is a little holiday tradition and end of the year tradition for us Barry where we. Are we kind of look back at the year and literally read off every single news story that didn't make the show. So this is really exciting and and it'll be a good fun this. I think the way they just tackle it we just jump right into it and maybe we go back and forth 1 person reads 11 person reads another 1 we don't have to do the whole thing maybe just the headline and if we want to jump into it we give a little bit more context about it and we can we can go for a little bit more discussions all start us off here the first this is in January here. The first story we had was there should be a Nobel Prize for vaccine logistics. Legit yeah the doctor should be because if people get them vaccines out well that's just something else under its own going as well with boosters and everything else absolutely agree. Next the next one is Waymo will no longer use a server the term self driving to describe its tech that's interesting because we actually just talked about self driving or autonomous vehicles a couple weeks back. And how they are made for more human friendly drivers and for. Analyzing inside the vehicle 2 separate episodes that are really great. Speaking of surface transportation the national highway transportation. Safety administration determines that sudden acceleration complaints in Tesla vehicles were due to driver error so there you go they always say. The next one is every deleted Pollock posted many with uses location data has been archived lips. Yeah the whole the whole parlor thing. That that was a whole. Interesting data breach I. That's all I'll say about that. We have starlink satellite internet service has been approved in the U. K. and people are already receiving their beta kits see this injury I still didn't realize that I will yes please yes Darling school D. complex is shown of single seater B. vertical takeoff and landing drone concept that's exciting. Yes it is but I am I love the the the V. toll stuff. Especially when it comes to transportation sporting individuals from one place to another. And then there is also the best gadgets of CS 2021 and the weirdest ones too there is a recap on that 1 I had everything from sort of. You know I'm I'm looking at the blurb here but there's a lot of really cool stuff there and CVS is one of the. One of our sort of the key. I lease mine it's it's one of my geeky get away I D. S. I don't know it's I always have you beat I've not been in person but I cover it pretty extensively in my own free time I'd love I'd love to go I think if we say we have the guts to show in the UK we went to that one yeah as it is on track and that was critical. In. Yeah I did I I read I read the last one year operations me so Panasonic's. Who could be the future of automotive safety so provide eye tracking and navigation in 3 D. imaging radar for traffic see traffic safety just get linking back to some of the stuff we talked about a about a I and and and safety so go look listen back to some that websites. I have lost my place but I think we're at Microsoft patents chatbot technology to revive dead loved ones this is very similar to a black mirror episode. That's just exceeded there's a real drive and and so the middle eastern countries as Arafat would defy virus countries around this type of thing around I'm using digital humans to revive so we are that the ones that's just yeah side with it I'm Google me about Google mobile search redesign focuses on results and no frills so make sure that you get so cutting back on the destructions. I completely forgot that there was a redesign to search on mobile. Earlier this year but I guess that that did happen in January. Listen. Yeah and then our last one here for January is the virgin Hyperloop released a concept video of the future we want to become reality. And this was. This this was I remember this video is pretty cool. And it was basically just a concept showing off its vision of the future for moving around the city using Hyperloop technology pretty cool stuff. What happened in February. So in February we had 5 ways will be robin hoods rescue exchanges exacerbated the gamestop crisis. Yes it was about yet you have no idea what the game stop was man so so there is a short squeeze I guess it's still going on I'm not sure there's some. Gamestop the US stock market. I had a lot of stuff going on with that this year and game stop was at the center of it yes I am so there were some issues with robin hoods you axe. Stuff that went happened and made it even harder for users to pull their money out. So. Then we have E. E. P. F. L. engineers created chip that detects stress levels via sweat so you know on its own I think that the chip itself is cool tack but on how much human factors application has outside of like you know wearables and stuff like that. Yeah we've been with us all of them it's quite cool floating holographic buttons may make smart toilets even better. We don't have that not you don't touch the controls menu get yourself great. I think. Okay don't get your poopy fingers on any. Yes this is how you know the show has gone off the rails and we're only in February. All right let's get out to Google rolls out a slew of updates to improve virtual classrooms so we had Frank on the show for this one any I think you talked about it from his his partner's area an educator and so it was kind of cool to see that group Google classroom stuff. Yeah and then so they wanted to buy the weapon mustn't experiments was white ticket sellers hit you with last second fees. So it's a funny enough it's over profit. Get a yes that's I'm I'm shocked shocked that you face over here. Yeah I think no surprise there scientists have found a way to communicate with treating people I think we actually talked about this on the show we try to not include those here because we talk about him but I seem to recall this was a pretty cool one. To maybe on I should use up that comes up but I use it with my wife she might listen to this. Mmhm tombs of United Airlines plane rain down on Colorado supervillain engine trouble hi expropriation triplex yeah do you remember that I remember seeing the imagery of people were comparing it to like Donnie Darko or something and see what was the some footage of it through the yeah it was on fire and. Yeah yeah let's move yanks. Let's see here where we at Samsung's leaks concept video may show its vision for a R. glasses I think I think the interesting thing about this one was that they were so slim they were very close to the face so you don't have those big bulky like block in front of your eyes. That's I think that's what it was. When you do some research officer to check I'm a big fan of addresses the speaker sim in a similar vein Sony is working on a new PlayStation VR headset for the PS 5. Mmhm yeah I think I need to do a little work on that on that level too SO catch up with civilised of on the market well in terms of tech the maybe because I think I think the PlayStation VR headset is actually very well built and. You know he comfortably. Acceptability but yeah the tech behind at the screens the the clunky wires the vision recognition system all that needs work. All right that brings us into March this is Gatorade's wearable patch tells you how much Gatorade to drink and it also does well to get right Connie eyes owns in Connie it flies in on fighting wildfires wildfires using better data help you could actually say it. Mmhm so. Yes basically given the mall drive and how to confirm M. wildfires yeah that was one of the ones we did right before episode 200 so go check that I remember 200 the kind of marker for some of these because there's like everything before episode 200 everything after 200 and we have like a separate way of categorizing some of these. Some of these news stories even after 200 settle the it'll be easier for us to kind of talk about. The next one here Microsoft debuts its A. R. N. V. R. meetings platform. Mash. So this is very good I guess this is kind of their their answer to Facebook's meta stuff before method was a thing. Yeah will not be a subject for the future I am a job retention schedule a surgery model for blue collar employees hond a vibration levels in manufacturing firms. Okay so interesting yes so that they're actually monitoring the. Once you get to enable them to do their children okay yeah if. You got safety culture transformation the impact of training on explicit and implicit safety attitudes so training is is a huge thing and obviously attitudes towards it are gonna be impacting the ability to train. Yep there we go according to plan fully autonomous vehicles mean the still the drive still has to interact with the system sometimes I wait not the we not up level 6 automation yet. Yes all right and then the next one here is let's see here Instagram's algorithm pushes users towards covert 19 misinformation yeah that's that's the thing that happened right. Still does on Instagram it still comes to people so like pushing the the end of the 19 stuff. I was an echo and Google home commodity all happy without even touching a. Yeah necessarily surprised me this is this is the sound waves it was it was a kind of a novel way of doing it right is like a it picks up on that absence in. Echo location and then we'll monitor it it's. Some some voodoo I think that he has. Yep sign does make an A. I. that read your mind so can generate portraits you'll find attractive. Right okay I'm the smart cities tech is great but don't forget the people boxes in a school right after my own heart I've written actually similar stuff and presented on similar stuff before when was this a must yes are died I was I was the first. Yeah I get that it is actually something that I think is really good actually something I would be writing something about just a couple days ago excellent I'd be happy to get your thoughts on that we did talk about that on the show so. All right we got border control systems are gearing up for facial analysis tack what could go wrong the answer is everything thank you it certainly is deep learning enabled real time 3 D. holograms on a smartphone. Cool I think yeah I remember that one is neat and we have preliminary observations on efforts and factors affecting aviation industry's recovery this was a report by the FAA I think. That looked at kind of getting the aviation industry back. After cobit. Okay without any coverage went to make sure that comes to fruition I guess yeah the cool case study on pedestrian traffic near an elementary school in San Jose. Yep and then we have. Let's see here there was a. Well I think we skipped over when there is a house committee on transportation and infrastructure which you know we had we had here in the states we have this big infrastructure bill passed which is gonna be massive for surface transportation it's really exciting to see all the projects that are going to be built and established because of that bill so it's just it's just awesome. Okay. Some interesting application of investors opt out yeah that's always an interesting question yeah so what do we talk about in one of the pre previous episodes around whether you know do you people signing off on season season cookies and all that sort of stuff and Jim we do ask people to do it or not. Yeah climate change the fall the fact sees massive green energy switch so this is basically making green energy the default choice consumers stick with it even though it's costly yes because fundamentally people are quite lazy in the we'll go with that yep must go with the full option regardless I'm political about protecting the V. up motion sickness subjects in motion sickness for severity from virtual reality. Yeah that that's quite interesting things from. They need to hold sim sickness yeah element you can get a quite severely. Yeah it's it can be bad. Yeah about robots using eye contact to dry out reluctant participants in groups this is kind of creepy but at the same time it works right because you my contact and it sort of begs for engagement and so you're having robots do it. Yes it is and the more realistic that these going to gas yeah it's gone that's only gonna get better street west in which we look at I'm so this rascal eaten a uses AI to walk for you some surveys he said of a high powered exoskeleton legs the cannabis will control mostly. Mmhm thank. We have BMW wanting to make you feel things with its new A. I. assistant services things like natural language processing jester control machine learning. Connecting an emotional ways. So California passes a new regulation bombing doc patents on the landmark previously little. Mmhm which that's quite an interesting interesting progression. Yeah I forgot all about that one. There was the let's see here low power chip for augmented reality contact lenses so kind of help with the vision impaired. It. Well yes Sir user perceptions of the risks of electric shared and autonomous auto auto automated vehicles remain largely unexplored. Mmhm that's probably quite true. Yeah you have people affected by cover 19 are being nicer to machines that was an interesting study can help close the gap between people and technology. That's no harm I was fixed by cove in 19 I don't know whether many nexus machines I'm still shows a longer brain activity after writing on paper then on tablet or smartphone unique complex information unlock methods like to get sprayed more details to trigger memory no data news I can see that. Then we have kids and parents both have paid mental health toll when with virtual learning go figure 911 coming. Continuous and intermittent artificial gravity is a countermeasures that comes in effective 60 days of head down tilt bed rest. Cool I'd say about that well. There is an opinion article here on do you why laws adapting to self driving cars. Interesting discussion for another time. All right inside Facebook Williams Rhys based interaction for next computing for computing platform. This one was cool we talked about this on the show. Go back and listen to that one I think is absurd to a one. This is this is post 200 though okay. Let's see here researchers developed an A. I. backpack system to guide vision impaired where's. But the releases that have to help parents install child seats. We did what we had to do devices that see thousands of dollars in states all children yeah the other seasons really cannot tricky unless you have. A guide. For our perfect or a professional you have this one here with drones and other autonomous vehicles safety must come first. Well yes yeah today cyberattacks foreshadow walls to come our future. Alarm look more to happen on the cyber warfare front I fancy yeah. The smart bandage could help hasten healing and might even the tax code so that's kind of cool yep loneliness is a public health problem this low tech intervention can help. That's very true actually you know the the whole people being alone we we try and encourage people to be in their own in the home owner homes as long as possible without going into hospital but many people out on the road yeah I think the low tech intervention was just giving a phone call. South. Experimental hearing implants succeeds in registering brain waves this is looking at coke clear implants measuring brain waves for the first time. That's cool but scary yeah. Women friendly student project group presentations enable creativity and risk taking. Okay all right depression affects visual perception. So so what address you. The business empire yeah I'm taking music to the next level with his wearable smart device for musicians the sound Branagh polls is about watch full musicians as a wearable metronome that's cool there is a new tool out there that strips manipulative dark patterns from these mobile apps so that's that's kind of cool and they're doing. They're doing great work over there and that brings us to April we're gonna take a quick break and then we'll be back to break down April and the rest of the year. Human factors cast brings you the best in human factors news interviews conference coverage and overall fun conversations into each and every episode we produce but we can't do it without you. The human factors cast network is 100 percent listener supported all the funds are going to running the show come from our listeners our patrons are our priority and we want to ensure we're giving back to you for supporting us pledges start at just $1 per month and include rewards like access to our weekly Q. and A.'s with the hosts personalized professional reviews and human factors minute patrie on only weekly podcast where the host breakdown unique obscure and interesting human factors topics in just one minute patron rewards are always evolving so stop by Petri slash human factors cast to see what support level may be right for you thank you and remember it depends all right and we're back so let's just jump right into April here. I think I went last so you read this first one berry will just go back and forth yes Mike's office land lines a 22000000000 pounds to put a custom hololens headsets on U. S. soldiers. All right and we have V. digital humans the next step in human computer interaction question mark I don't know I remember that one didn't evaluating the safety of H. lane roads. That's from our friends over at the traffic research board amend that stand to regulate a guy that interprets human emotions. Coronavirus October 19 effect soul music New Jersey supply chains. Lots a covert story cobots act like puppies to better communicate with humans. Sounds good doesn't it I am no the trucking up scans your social circle for Kobe 19 risk months of those tracking apps this year expanding access to active transportation not sure what that was about but sounds interesting. Also attending a maintenance schedules of bridges who doesn't like a good bridge especially relevant with the infrastructure bill here in the states. Let's see here we have brain signals can drive exoskeleton parts way better with therapy and I think that one actually made it to one of our shows. At 10 big takeaways on the state of the internet in 2021 which I don't have the time to take ways but they were a big thing those are always fun to look at let's see here technology acceptance scale it's basin. Psychometrics is assessed in a factor analysis via Markov chain Monte Carlo models rolls right off the tongue. Yeah I am a pandemic playbook for transport agencies. That's all it again hello this on themselves to be very popular is not yeah and and sneak peek to may we've actually started organizing these in may according to category so these might actually fit a little bit more thematically when we get there the next one here a valuation of an automatic individual computer based driver education and training program. All in the most amusing scientists are not the first to get a monkey to control the computer with its mines that's right that was a big story earlier this year but they weren't the first ones to do it. Pilot program to offer public transit credits for workers in Boston. How to make autonomous counts trustworthy and free from cyber security threats relevant to a couple weeks ago. Let's see here are 8 I algorithms playing fairly with age gender and skin colour the answer is no. On many many many different levels yeah. This is the statistical prediction of the future M. as it appears on the encoding of the present. Right next next up our brain typically overlooks this brilliant problem solving strategy people often limit their yeah that people often limit their creativity by continually adding new features to design rather than removing existing ones. It's true that humans rely mon algorithms than social influence as a task becomes more difficult. I have lost my place you wanna be the next one. Welcome to control reveals shade neutral processes supporting semantic and episodic memory memory retrieval. And then there was an article assessing pedestrian crossing facilities man so many of these are relevant to a couple weeks ago let's see. The influence of algorithms on a political and dating decisions unlike other group M. 2 together that one 's interesting because it was it was it was you know everyone's very segmented they wouldn't. Anyway. This next one here augmented reality in retail and its impact on sales interesting little story there about how C. H. seeing it before you buy it is is huge for some of those decisions that you make. A mental health physical symptoms and biomarkers of stress June prolonged exposure to Antarctica's extreme environment just talking about extreme environments on the on the most recent episode. 22 episodes ago yeah. Let's see here the affects of environmental operational and organizational factors on the usage of and satisfaction with electronic medical records. On them back to highways with the intersection crash prediction methods for the highway safety manual exciting we're managing work zone traffic impacts. And then the the federal aviation administration's next generation air transportation system sounds good I remember that that was I was really bummed that we didn't get that one on the show the robot versus toasters how the power of movement plays tricks on human brains. Researchers find individualized qui est training is key for autistic and lessons learned to drive. Mmhm let's see here video conferences are more exhausting when participants don't feel group blocking I can I I can attest to that. Again going back to school to develop into stars and objective analysis of stress in the classroom. My previous address in classroom there's but there's definitely stress in my classroom. Researchers find new measure to predict stress resilience so right in line with that stress in the. And our attention is captured by islands. Certainly yes somebody looks your way you're more likely to look at them back ingenuity helicopters successfully makes first flight on Mars and we certainly talked about that on the show so we have and he was found in a mix and the management of existential threats work to maintain a sense of a code 19 returned from a look down we have restriction system. Sounds like we're still dealing with that. The effect of arm support and control modes on muscle fatigue eye fatigue imposter changes in mobile game use. Among young adults that one seems like it's interesting because you're you're looking at you know whether or not somebody's arms are supported whether playing games and what impact that has on the teacher. Existed force estimation used a wearable sensor Jim manual material handling. At some point and something that's more prevalent was wearable technology moves on and improve the accuracy of gays control tools so design recommendations for optimum position sizes and spacing of interactive objects. Mmhm okay as we do a lot more get constructing I'm measuring pedestrian traffic fatalities. And then we have what exactly is your brain doing when reading code balance interesting and only going to sleep I am using mobile strips to prevent crashes. So many transportation ones and I think they just stop posting middle of the year and S.. That's a bummer hurricane evaluation modeling package I don't know what that is it must have been good. Followed by guidelines will cost effective safety treatment of roadside ditches. Okay what what what what about roadside ditches. Wearing comfort and perceived heaviness of smart glasses. Monstrous LED roadway lighting impact on driver sleep health and alertness interesting I've I've I find I find transfer surface transportation and Leslie interesting I it's a domain that I'd never want to work in I don't know if that's true I I might want to work in it but it's so interesting to me like how modular you can get with some of these tiny little studies on just these little things it's a great. Speaking of colors and LEDs the color red influences investor behavior financial research reveals. That's probably the the psychology behind color I find really fascinating and the way they just this is getting not right said Mike you can mix. Attention working memory 2 sides of the same you will coin?. All right and then we have Google's new app auto magically organizes your scanned documents why can't it do that withdraw if. If you would stop of writing the documents. St redefining what a month come be with new information and artificial intelligence and that rounds out April so let's get into may this is where over here at human factors because we started organizing these by topic so we're gonna go through these real name the topic in the morning to go through the articles here the first one up is aerospace systems and aviation we have an approach to situational awareness assessment in flight simulation situation awareness dynamic circulation model. We can jump into the next topic of augmented comp commission with high performance brain to text communication via handwriting. I think we actually may have talked about the one on the show and then also with ACOG we have what would happen if we connected the human brain to a quantum computer. Will not be amazing just not mine thank you not yet I'm good job now to children's issues so warnings on the dangers of screen time are ill founded review finds big surprise there and then also with children's issues how virtual program may help kids get ready for kindergarten. So moving on from children we gonna go to cognitive engineering decision making and how does that the brain flexibly process complex information. Also with cognitive engineering decision making that'll be then for the next 4 of these are so a study reveals the gateway to conscious awareness. The diagnostic accuracy of virtual come to assess when testing with a systematic review and meta analysis. The next one here development of a novel hybrid cognitive model validation framework for implementation under code 19 restrictions. And finally in cognitive is our memory is even better than experts thought. I don't know if that's true cyber security is the next category up have up here this is the failures that led to the colonial pipeline ransomware attack that's right that happened this year I can't believe that I thought that was okay that's true I am gonna jump into environmental design full of the next 5 to 6 so the first one is untangling major societal issues on the road to environmental health. The adaptive capacity of public space under covert 19 exploring urban design interventions through a socio technical systems approach. You'll get all the big what will not I am. The development of a stakeholder identification and analysis method for human factors integration in work system design interventions change agent infrastructure some of these are so dry and I'm really apologetic to anyone listening to some of these. If we if we have more information on M. we'll get to a but some of these were just reading verbatim so sorry guys are flunking covert 19 out of schools a systematic review of non pharmaceutical interventions to minimise novel covert. 2 in educational settings all right. Then why did you take a global pandemic to trigger the working from home revolution and that's quite massively tree it's a whole lot of of it could be just enough to see who's going back into. Work all as we do more of this to see just which companies take advantage of it was cut which companies try just to go back to business as usual yeah so interesting workplace pandemic protocols impact employee behavior outside work so this was interesting because how a company treated. Their protocols impacted whether or not an employee would like wear a mask outdoors you know it in their personal life is really interesting. I am so gonna do mountain health cancel the next full so a normal distance learning economics checklist and risk evaluation methodology a case of the code 19 pandemic. Yes risk evaluation love it all right a here Ristic international glimpse at cove it affects aren't work home equilibrium and women's. So how is it impacting them working from home yeah I mean again that's all looking at the fact that most women tend to pick up all the schooling and still handle okay yeah does the alert type stuff. So the next one is integration of human factors and ergonomics in healthcare systems a giant leap no less in safety as a key strategy during cover 19 yeah don't say it don't say all right cove it has put the world at risk of prolonged grief disorder. This one is an interesting one for sure. So yes it's only the I mean that and amongst all the mental health issues I think that we still only scratching the surface of the stomach yeah so we're gonna jump chrome hells and to performance and perception so so here is what is the difference between a human allies and computer vision. That's an interesting perceptual question let's get a product design this is Keith Tapp recognizing discrete teeth gestures using motion and acoustic sensing on an ear piece. So intrigued I'm gonna have to go back and look at that one later just booked think it'll it'll yes you like a chatter and it detects what you're saying okay still okay yeah apple previews a powerful software updates designed for people with disabilities. You seem to remember that all right let's get on the surface transportation and travel my favorite category affects of installing seat belts on school buses. Mode doesn't make them safer the M. quantifying the impacts of traffic estimates on safety analysis. Who really that's that's interesting to me. Let's see here study drivers who experience shift work sleep disorder are 3 times more likely to be involved in a vehicle crash you don't say. Yes I was gonna say that you do see some studies don't either just sort of seem to state the obvious but they can sometimes eat we sit on a few different so it's less of this really basic research is never been done improving. So yeah the stuffed animal influences travel decisions. That's a great question I don't know how to go back and revisit the X.. What's next let's see here driving habits and patterns of the American public. And then we go into preferences of older cyclists yeah really really granular topics here sometimes yeah how effective is personal protective equipment for motorcycles. That's that's an interesting question because I used to ride and. It can save your life that's for sure. Yes yes it seems some injuries that people have a yeah just put me off I'm so good you're going to use a built in system evaluation actually one of my favorite favorite topics researchers a promote usability for everyone everywhere and quite right too we should do. Hey you wanna know about the usability of loot boxes loot boxes in games are enticing but they don't actually manipulate you into spending on that go by I can I have sex yeah I have I feel like there's some disagreement there needs of users said the development of a work a guidance system for flexible production lines. All right all right now now let's get into virtual environments my true favorite category here sex bots virtual friends V. R. lovers tech is changing the way that we interact and not always for the better. Sacramento using virtual reality to what you said is your favorite local you just basically made a statement that yeah. So my friend is using eventually got to training to improve policing and confirm the bias. Yeah that's actually an interesting topic that was brought up at neuro economics conference earlier this year as well so it's interesting that we're seeing it here our project starlight feel like you're there together so I think this is like a virtual box that like presents a hologram of somebody in front of you that's like a 3 D. version of them all right I think. I think that rounds out may so let's get into June well so the first country in June in our space and systems so S. basis in the navy action the TSA could be a better monitor its efforts to reduce infectious disease spread at check points. Then we have one about drone flying to fly a drone in the U. S. you now must pass F. A. A.'s trust test. That's not necessarily a bad thing given the way the drones are going navy Boeing make aviation history with the M. Q. 25 becoming the first unmanned aircraft to fuel another aircraft that's a must have capability drum I remember that story all right in terms of aging we have researchers using a dye to track cognitive deviation in aging brains. Let's jump from 18 to augmented comp commission my computers predict people's taste in art not be quite simple for me except on a cold but there's little which taste so that we can hate books are art. Television shows are art. How broadly debated fine art customer truly. Let's get into children's issues just enough information will motivate young children to learn and drive curiosity see give them just enough to want to encourage them to to learn more I think that's a really really important to make sure that cries out we we we teach them how to learn a move away from the road to type but but Evans against physically punishing kids is clear researchers say don't punish your physically old you could she could that we we we I can't see from the hell don't do it the. That's the that's that's how clearly it's not the I'm assuming it's a it's a live show up physically but as usual. Cognitive engineering decision making is the next category here we have cognitive and metabolic workload assessment techniques a review in automotive manufacturing context. The metabolic workload assessment I think I'm I need to do is when you open up that sounds interesting I am a normal aggregated multiple criteria decision making approach to evaluate the physical workload of workers. All right memory helps us evaluate situations on the flight not just recall the past. Sorry for the doing. That was a funny joke about memory. We're sorry. Read the stories. Algorithm exploitation humans are keen to exploit benevolent A. L.. Men make more extreme choices and decisions find scientists big surprise there. And over confidence in news judgment and false news susceptibility thank you surely yeah surely. That's good in this next category here cyber security cyber attacks can shut down critical infrastructure side to make cybersecurity compulsory. Also this obscures education more widespread I'm Jim from cybersecurity interrelated to spin a defense of power in the U. S. army of the future. Yeah I don't remember exactly woods but updates there were good environmental design artificial sunlight gets a boost from LED window so that I think this is trying to boost the the. Happiness of somebody. With those LED windows I think it worked. Cool so I'm going man into health care for the next 6 or 7 so the impact of Kobe 19 on health and safety in the construction sector. Yes this next story here we collected 84000000 tweets about the pandemic and here's what we learned. Mysteriously them update that. Yes it's that we did the a bit of a study using so between through the pandemic it was it was quite interesting. Too few women get to invent and that's a problem for women's health there's actually loads and loads of things that have been developing because they've only tested them all not largely male co holds then yeah there's loads of things that really good full for women read example it is **** by Eric is actually really beneficial to to women but because it was a marked it as a as a mill mill thank them yeah that they largely missed out on a on a lot of them M. L. benefits and if if that's what is it thank you that's the word. Let's see here Britain when rudeness becomes a matter of life or death so this is when. Seve's rudeness to a health care professional might backfire on you. Even if you're not being rude if if it's perceived as rude or something like that then that impacts your health don't call it marriage. M. how has the corona virus pandemic affected mobility patents a lot a lot is the answer to that one in novo's electrical design device zaps a covert 19 vaccine in the body. I forget how this works but I think it helps her fight but strangely fun the rise of newer technology Coles full apparel focused on your rights. Yes yes that sounds like something that we should do. Next up here guess categories human AI robot teaming. This A. I. robot mimics human expressions to build trust with users both exciting and scary on that front yep let's jump away from us I'm going to perception performance category so the first or he was a new kind of visual illusion uncovers how our brains connect the dots. All right so we are and. With the detection of mental fatigue state using heart rate vulnerability and I metrics during simulated flight. Okay also tailored optical stimulation for the blind is the next door. And then in the visual thalamus neurons are in contact with both eyes but respond only to one. Okay. I'm the next one is a study shows how taking short breaks may help our brains learn new skills. Sounds legit and read completely aligns with you know everything else we learned about taking breaks and we're gonna take a quick break in just a minute after we get through this month anyone that gets super hearing can anyone can get super hearing. After the question. So anyone can learn so let's jump from the into the pro design category where the first or use universal control lets you use macs and iPods like that one machine whoa yes I do remember that that is now out there let's see your skin displays will give wearables their independence. So jumping from put exact the surface transportation travel cups Greenwood your favorite Congress. I'm the first on here is 2 pronged transportation resilience practices in states of the overseas department of job and everything let's hear better speed valuation for transportation planning so we talked a little bit about sprawl and one of our episodes earlier this year which is very interesting I'm not sure if it was this article or not. I think I remember listening to that while I was doing some working and some buildings in the garden thank you I'm any national in service safety lawful automated vehicles. Yeah that's a great idea. And ties in nicely with our automated vehicles from a couple weeks ago socio technical view of electric bike issues in China structured review and analysis of electric bike collisions using Rasmussen's risk management framework rolls right off the tongue I'm getting all these long ones you I've I've I've picked the right alternative land next to her he eighties protects the vehicle trajectories at intersections using inverse reinforcement learning. All right. Evaluate Ohio's department transportations ability to decrease dump truck backing accidents. I can imagine that would be a pretty big issue. But a review camera might might solve that. The problem is to be that the fact that the good the good due to complete evaluation among different 1 specific type of truck and that's face to anyone yeah the money to value a number 813 so the ministry and Norman tree factors influencing travel choices in the automated shed any electrical vehicle future. Okay yeah I think that there's choices there's things that impact whether or not you're gonna get in the V. comparing Twitter and loads data L. O. D. E. S.. For detecting computer commuter mobility patterns. Well that's it just because there's so much to do now that use Twitter as a as a of a bass line because people are going to be true treating someone but actually the Twitter and Facebook now and not the not the platform of choice for those younger generations and you will say it's a way of us call it limited the listing directories passenger transportation takes off in new directions what a what a great time let's hear sick of dangerous city traffic remove left turns. Okay interesting indulging yeah the only works in the US yeah and you guys have to do the right thing I didn't actually doesn't most doesn't the dealt with them and only come for them I think that's most of the time yeah yeah you you you don't quote you don't it doesn't let you tell the truck turn across traffic yeah I'm next one is US account journeys rebound but morning rush hour holds off for now to me that's in the back of a pandemic in people outside of the year but that's not the case anymore hacking and lots of driving skills major consumer concerns for self driving cars go figure yep the next one is the best in traffic fatalities by states. Call maybe yeah I want to go back and look at that now that I'm in a different state assessment of retro reflective. Reflectivity of pavement markings. So that's I love those things I in fact I miss them because here in this state I do not have them and it feels like I'm driving blind most of the time. First of. The next door is how road users behavior behaviors affect pedestrians and bicyclists cyclist safety safety yes yes and speaking of safety about the safety of driver assistance technologies. Indeed. Dixon is the business of mobility Helsinki leads the way in urban mobility I believe it. All right and finally Tesla starts using cabin cameras to monitor drivers using autopilot. Wow yeah that's that's that's something that makes sense to me. Well again we we talked with a few episodes ago yeah so what do we got to get down to use buildings it's revaluation doc patents that mislead consumers out all over the internet go figure that's weird I didn't see that one coming all right round out may with some virtual environments here augmented reality can improve the lives of older adults so why are apps designed mainly for youngsters. Good question I am D. the final one in this country and all of this month is navigating a virtual world help older adults memory. All right we got through about half the year just about so we're gonna take a quick break and then we'll be right back after this human factors cast brings you the best in human factors news interviews conference coverage and overall fun conversations into each and every episode we produce but we can't do it without you. The human factors cast network is 100 percent listener supported all the funds are going to running the show come from our listeners our patrons are our priority and we want to ensure we're giving back to you for supporting us pledges start at just $1 per month and include rewards like access to our weekly Q. and A.'s with the hosts personalized professional reviews and human factors minute patriotic only weekly podcast where the host breakdown unique obscure and interesting human factors topics in just one minute patron rewards are always evolving so stop by Petri slash human factors cast to see what support level may be right for you thank you and remember it depends all right in we're back and we magically change clothes once again so why don't we go ahead and get into July I'll start with this one we're gonna go into aerospace systems and aviation air car prototype completes its first intercity flight I think we have to talk about I will show. Blue origin takes its first passengers to space. What governing commercial space transportation I think that was just a article about. What turned space transportation legislation might need to pass. And virgin galactic and Richard Branson complete fully crewed the fact that first fully crewed spaceflight. Yeah 2021 the year a billionaire's gun space all right let me have it for aging the sense of smell and older adults to clients when it comes to meet but not vanilla. That's weird but I do like the Dallas so that that's around them I am going to augment the condition where Blix I pulled future from brain computer interfaces if we're not careful. Then there's the X. exclusive Q. and a here with nerlynx quest to beat the speed of type. Will that be cool I am Japanese children's issues weight training helps teachers anticipate how students with learning disabilities might solve problems. And we have our researchers explore how children learn language. And how children integrate with information. Jumping into cognitive engineering and decision making we have wearable brain machine interface turns intentions into actions. And I'm writing letters shown to be the best technique for learning to read we talked about that one. I think so too environmental design we have a 4 day work week is an overwhelming success in Iceland. Appliance must city concepts to address community concerns. Amanda also in environmental design young workers now value respect over fun perks in the workplace we just talked about perks in the workplace last last it came from. We did indeed and the loss of our windows I'm what is the world's deepest pool opens in Dubai part of a huge underwater city. That thing was cool did you see that video no I've done the I need to go back and look at us on the go check that one out all right so health care health care's been consistently one of the larger categories here what went so wrong with covert in India the answers everything. Okay I'm. So is doing healthcare drama llama seat sleep deprived new study under uncovers how constant sleep loss impacts met mental and physical well being. Spoilers that's not great all right we're looking at smartphone gaming can be harmful for some seeking relief from boredom study finds. And the future of wellness will be driven by data and biomarkers. We have virtual learning may help in I. C. U. nurses recognize baby pain. And the first ever transient a pacemaker comecei diesels in the body hopefully not before it was finished with the use sorry I'm just realizing the irony of in ICU nurses baby pain with everything that's going on the background over here. First ever translucent. Based maker wait did you just read that right now just so you know you're on the new facemask prototype can detect covert 19 faction. And free access to thousands of coping 19 research documents to be made available. Love seeing that free access all right so human A. I. robot teaming the topic of our last episode here. An expert on search and rescue robots explains the technology used in the disasters like the Florida condo collapse that happened this year. Exoskeletons have a problem they can strain the brain. I yes and then you also have a I and robots are a mine field of cognitive bias sees. Endemic now can jump to perception of performance where technology to restore the sense of touch in nerve damage nerve damage deserves as a result of injury. Well it's about a letter speak properly yes same here I mean we've been reading a lot of these so here the next one up a new look at color displays so interesting cool I need that must be you cable because you spell color problem I am. So they should be deported designed where wearable devices can we just collision risk in blind and visually impaired people. I always love accessibility stories we also have a hand held device fighting fatigue by stimulating the vagus nerve wow then we took it to smart technology is not making a drama yeah sure because all right anyway. Safety all right so for safety we have you can see fires but now this company called awake once firefighters to see through them I think we might actually talk to them on the show I'm not sure. I am disturbing to self surface transportation travel we're developing an effective targeted mobile application to enhance transportation safety and use of active transportation modes in Fresno county the role of applicable at the role of application design and content. Really glad I don't have to read that one let's hear scientists develop tougher safer bicycle helmets using new plastic material. Yeah I don't like the long long one so I'm gonna jump to virtual environments web via study finds vertical greenery useful as a stress before. Yes vertical greenery I love it all right and then you A. R. system alters sight sound and touch I think that wraps up for. Sure July now we're in August right you want to start with aerospace systems yes it is good espy system the navigation the FAA proposes more than $500000 in new fines against unruly airline passengers yes please let's let's get them out I think that was in reaction to you know the the covariates. Let's see here so Indian rocket suffers catastrophic failure during lunch earth watching satellite lost that's it's always. Hard to watch a lot of people's hard work go to you know get away like that yes since the Adam and then I guess in in a similar vein the space station incident was far worse the NASA admitted to 10 yeah I don't remember what that was I think that what was that the pressurization I'm not sure if it was a yeah I think though that was the that's the it was a slow leak was not yeah I don't have the estimated accident risk for basic mad versus medically certified US pilots. So let's jump into the engine category with wacky mental abilities can actually improve during aging. Yes I remember that story I feel like we talked about it let's see here augmented cognition says wireless soft scalp electronics and virtual reality system for modern **** I can't read the reading for motor imagery based brain machine interfaces. Researchers take step forward next generation brain computer interface systems. And then lastly for Aug cog we have tiny neural link rival wins race for appeal to test brain implant in humans. Mmhm so that's going to children's issues Sir use the pandemic and a global mental health crisis yeah everyone everyone's depressed anxious and has ADHD now I'm. Science backed tips for maximizing playtime with kids. Have it in the first place but they not only good place to start I am so Mister McGee contingent in decision making where gender personality influence use of interactive tools online. I don't remember what the takeaway lesson that one anyway. The fight or flight response to all is altered in healthy young people who had covered 19 yanks. I am white people snow they're friends with the phone I took up a lot in the lectures on I am. With the like psych of ghosting. Well no it's it's more about if you if you go to the public sometime and you causing it you meet with friends and you start talking on the phones right away okay I do when I when I go on a date with with my better half of the first thing she does is put the phone up in front check in a phone when we meant to be lived look into each other's eyes in a loving way. I see I see all right add trains in the brain scientists uncover switching system used in information processing and memory. And a new model for group decision making shows how followers can influence the outcome of the social media based thing that is so that was M. I think that was like somebody on tech talk shared aid study and it was reaching just a certain demographic because of who that tick tock tick tock or was or something like that so interesting. There are maybe thinking about another study we'll see if we get to it communications now how digital beauty filters perpetuate colorism. New Hampshire I'm Judy to education where it needs to be examined privacy and security perceptions of online education programming services. Let's see here also in education we have assigned classroom seats can promote friendships between dissimilar students. Environmental design going to the A. R. 6 climate change a 2021 the physical science basis yeah that was that was a big 1 wasn't. And then we have a why you gotta be so rude study highlights a vicious cycle of workplace incivility. At 20 what comes off June virtual meetings can reduce fatigue or just enables you to sleep more nobody notices I certainly feel that I don't know are you a camera on your camera off person when it comes to virtual meetings I've got more into being a camera on person mostly I tend to turn it off if there's something I want to do like a drink or something like that I did double down because no man I like to interact with people so I've got I don't I've got into a thing where I am I willing to actively encourage people to switch them off if they feel uncomfortable. I yes I am the same way I don't get too much into this but yeah let's see here next one here healthcare so let's get back into healthcare here think leisure is a waste of that may not bode well for your mental health without taking leisure time is actually healthy. Yeah I'm really proud of that I'm telling wearable technology in telehealth intriguing Parkinson's disease. Let's see here well also wearable technology can help at in in home assessment of myoclonic jerks. Those jerks. Hi it does gain to training with robotic exoskeletons may improve function after acute stroke that's interesting yeah we have new research finds gender differences in fear and risk perception during covert 19. Okay I am deeply into human AI robot teaming so either musk says Tesla is working on humanoid robots. Yeah that ended up being a story on the show we have a law experts ponder whether sex robots should be legal. Hey I and robots are a mine field of cognitive biases very true. And then we also have remote research methods for human AI robot teaming. So let's get into perception of performance so parallel and distributed encoding of speech across human order trickle tex. We have problems in thinking and attention link to cope at 19 infection. Are you still there thank I'm all in your head exploring human body communication with by oral here nights. The Olympics without fans is harming athletes performance. That was a docu readings as it was seen that with the right forms will be teams and things like that instead use without any funds and it's not yet even talked last week about how it impacts your ability to give a brief yes that's true I'm needs beyond the uncanny valley how people react to the same faces. All right let's get into product design here online product displays can shape your buying behavior. Thank you in fact is not gonna make some money factoring service industries. Smart glasses for improving mobility of low vision people. I used to. So this year we did it safety Sir the temperament to could gauge the threat of wildfires burning embers. I'm moving on from safety in the surface transportation we have millennial travelers are more multimodal than older travelers but this trend might change as they age. Okay 20 rub my head around that one M. U. S. government investigating Tesla autopilot for crashing into emergency vehicles. Yep lots of lots of other investigations into a Tesla all right the effect of the corona virus pandemic on public transportation. Development and demonstration of an in vehicle lane departure warning system using standard GPS technology. This is exciting so every car made after 2020 may 7 have drunk driving monitoring systems built in. You talked about that one as well then that's not on the show now see some of these aren't I a a current mood when I started actually being guests on the show but with much later than this with a lot of them cynical I'm fairly sure to find the concise but that's because I would have the conversation with you what I'm listening to what I'm doing what I'm doing I don't agree with that I think you should. It just it just bit behind the scenes of the L. for access thank you I'm. So then the next resilience research becoming a bigger part of transportation planning. All right where we had a investigating in triggers are investing in transportation resilience framework for informed choices. The green wave's machine learning and predictive analysis making streets better for people on bikes. What made we did talk about the I don't know the impact of smartphone applications on trip routing. Measuring the speed S. R. measuring speed management strategies. And rounding out surface transportation is improving transportation equity. Maybe was on the show. You have talked about yes does it do so with the sprawl episode I think as I said to some groans Poland where and whether they not that the price people kind of all kinds of been able to do things well yes in fact I was pretty I was deconstructing part of the an out building when when no systems that will. I am in search of the virtual environments Facebook gets via meetings right with Verizon workrooms. I yes and that was before their big meta announcement tiny lasers could finally bring us really smart A. R. glasses those are cool it's actually project lasers into your on your right now so that looks like you know high definition images you're just looking at laser beams but it's it's like a full imagine it takes up your whole life never ever filas brings it into my eyes ever that's just just just don't do it at that S. and now what are we in August is that right yes we're going to. Yes it is yep cheese or only in August all right let's get through it we'll send all this which is done. Do we read the same one. Twice I don't know. No we are yeah that should be August we just in August all right well August September of what whatever we're at right now. Yes No if I need to go all the way back down you've you've we compass in twice so we need to get on September are as good as a member then. So we can help with aerospace systems navigation so space tourist point of issues was so bad that they set off an alarm oops. The technical feasibility of a wheelchair securement concept for airline travel a preliminary assessment it was easy for you to say I'm exclusive FAA investigates if it's safe to leave cellphones on time to. Yeah NASA flight tests of futuristic air taxi are finally underway. And the red warning light on Richard Branson's space flights. We just talked about that and now here's the warning all right so getting into teaching we're using the internet in retirement boosts cognitive function. I could see that may well I mean like what about the like reading fox news like what is I don't know anyway. Tricks do need to open to come the commission and when you bionic center established at MIT with $24000000 gift it's so you could just give me $24000000 then that I can use it. A good use of it I will take up for the digital media lab over here human factors can. Let's get into children's issues we have teenagers aren't as lonely on lockdown if interacting positively on mine. Yeah considering yeah when looking at the screens of reading kids question mark not much and they may have some benefits yeah I I think so we mentioned last episode how I'm spelling out T. A. B. L. E. ti with G. A. M. yes let's see here so adolescent mental health there's a vaccine for that. Yet such subject come to engineering decision making scientists pinpoint the uncertainty about working memory. Moving on to communications thousands of scientific studies are disrupted by tech talk team there's the story I was looking for earlier yeah so did this take Tucker kept sharing scientific at least a scientific studies because she wanted to expose the studies to like a wider audience and she realized that her audience is highly targeted by tech talk and so the it it just completely skewed the results to one yeah the tick tock algorithm is really clever yeah they they know it's not and how can yeah it's it's very cool I am health Canada study own usability design parameters in the face mask concept design of U. V. W. face mask for clover 19 protection. Using flow disruptions to understand health care system safety a systematic review of observational studies I think that was done by friends of the show Rebekah Butler anything can catch what was on that teed Alfred bunch of our friends over there. Cool I am condemning healthcare innovation led to wearable treatments. Just realize my camera froze at a really great time. Pandemic tag left out public health experts here's why that needs to change. I have a new way to understand and possibly treat OCD. Let's see here we have new smart helmet rapidly assess the smoke patience. In human A. I. robot teaming so we're gonna go and get into how the U. S. army's turning robots into team players. Let's see here we have M. I. T.'s tool kit lets anyone design their own muscles sensing wearables. You do realize you're comes off Tony I do yeah and it's gonna be one of those things it's hard to fix because we're going back and forth maybe the next 10 and I'll read the next after that but but we'll we'll do that we get to the next month okay we'll do that Sir then an extra suit that helped with the heavy lifting. And then we have we're getting an occupational ergonomics now the effects of to grip force levels on foot and forearm postures on hand arm transmitted vibration and physiological responses how about that for a title the that's if you do well made some upgrades on the camera helps with that sort of thing I am looking to perception performance with just our minds hi much real life you study shows differences in how we perceive images. And now we're getting into product is eyeing here extending the ecological interface design process an integrated E. ID. And that's going to serve strains protection and travel to law enforcement first responders and crushing mastication preparation for automated vehicle technology. Also in surface transportation we have the relationship between sound perception and acoustics of seat belt warning sounds. Dublin to usability in system evaluation while sharing lessons learned inspections on a novel approach to developing the contextual activity template. Virtual environments here we're gonna say new augmented reality applications assist astronaut repairs to the space station think which talked about that on the show. And what the brain shows the benefits of virtual reality in creative art therapies. All rights and now we're gonna get into October here why don't you read all the way through cognitive engineering and decision making and then I'll take it through human computer interaction while I tried to fix my camera it's do that so we'll start off with airspace systems in aviation and NASA scientists predict settlements all moons of Sutton and Jupiter. Anthrax is a safe according to the manufacturer's. The blue origin unveils plans for commercial space station called orbital reef wheelchair users float in 0 G. I'm blown away by the experience and finding aerospace a brain damage from a long stays in space. To me to aging thank you and could definitely live to 130 scientists say. Not gonna talk medical condition at new brain impact implant set lets blind patients see without allies. And children's issues extra spacing can boost a children's reading speed. In terms of engineering in decision making how the brain navigate cities. Scientists look beyond the individual brain just to do the collective mind. But people who jump to conclusions show the kinds of thinking errors. And finally contravention airing I will brains have a fingerprint to. No I'm just gonna keep on going on okay I was I was gonna jump in because I saw him fix my camera but that's okay we'll I'll do the next ones and then we'll go let's keep going back and forth I don't know what's going on with the camera tonight folks all right so we have in defense we have Lockheed Martin CTO Stephen Walker on future defense technologies in environmental design we have read M. and imagining our pandemic problems with the mindset of an engineer in health care we have a user centered requirement elicitation for the procurement of medical equipment used by different services and types of end users. That's a mouthful and doctors should rely less on mental shortcuts when deciding patient care I think that one made it to the show and lastly listening to a story helps hospitalized kids he'll. Let's get into human AI robot teaming. Teeming with industrial cobots a socio technical perspective on safety analysis. Scientists built in A. I. to give ethical advice but it turned out to be super racist. You need a Florida restaurant got a robot waiter and tips spiked. There's a queue in a here from ghost robotics CEO on armed robots for the U. S. military historian Pentagon wanting a I'd predict events before they occur. And lastly in human A. I. robot teaming we had powered exoskeleton helps amputees walk with less effort. And lastly I'll read human computer interaction here and pass back or do you bury the effects of vibration and target size on the use of buried computer in put devices in basic human computer interaction tasks once you take it through. What you take it to the rest of this month and I'll try to figure out the camera thing that's not a problem so we're going to perception performance under the how the brain ignores destructing information to coordinate movements. Sense of smell is the most rapid warning system. And then we get into why do we remember stressful experiences better when we really do I am and then the vicious cycle of high academic achievement not a problem I've ever had to put up with I am which from the interpretive design way understanding predictors of withdrawal symptoms of internet gaming disorder. Google maps wildfire layer to help you find the one place that's not burning. And then finding product design I wasn't astro is a mobile Alexa I'm Cup holder the cost $1000. I get into the same category passenger safety briefings also operators missing the point by undermining the safety message you talk about to put that one on the show D. they will get the surface transportation travel category when making self driving cars human friendly is a big thing. And the deadly auto crushes more likely during the pandemic lockdown. Look into virtual environments now with the virtual environment category the metaverse could help us better understand reality. And units at usability evaluation of augmented reality based maintenance instruction system. And now with cybersecurity rediscover trust in cybersecurity. And the economics country look the ultimate evaluation field validation of the insole padding system. D. O. capital economics. When I remote work can be better for innovation than in person meetings. And then training west I'm fed ex coach and research demonstrates the importance of training. I'm just before we get into this one the bit of a trigger warning inside its security health care because of 40 from time to time we do need stories that may be painful to read but not relevant to the field of human factors in this case the foreign store deals with the tragic loss of life as a result of cyber security issue we went through the semester was a highlight the importance of human factors behind cyber security Sir read this your own risk Bach is attacked a hospital and allegedly killed a a. And. Sir hopefully well thank you back I'm I'm back I'm back and I mean I'm here I'm here I'm back I'm gonna read I'm I think we just go back and forth again. And so. Yeah we're in November and you know we could have we could have paused and fix those problems are fine but who you know this is where. The final we're we're we're troubleshooting problems 5 and it looks live to you all but we pre recorded this secrets out now. 3 times throughout this presentation I don't. If we could change clothes really easy if you don't you can fix the camera exactly all right but that's the nature of yes yes like I'll all it took was a couple plugs in plugs of the old U. S. B. all right let's get into November here aerospace systems and aviation we got the international space station astronaut shelter in escape vehicles as mysterious debris threaten station. When the same mysterious wasn't really mysterious was at. Personal use electric flying costs to get passengers to the Olympics. We have a pilot decision making during dual engine failure on takeoff insights from 3 different decision making models. When would you be the augmented couldn't cognition country deep thanking the mind could improve brain computer interfaces for people with disabilities. Get into cognitive engineering in decision making here ranked lists skew decision makers choices towards top option as one of the. That was one of the call options for this week I guess last week sorry breaking. Feast all forage a study finds circuit that helps our brain diesel it. Moving into communications here how people understand other people. And then jumping straight out of science into cybersecurity where expert warns that human beings are going to start getting hot. Yeah with others BCI was going on there how about a environmental design simulated Mars base got kind of rebellious worrying scientists say that was that was a couple weeks ago yeah. And then forensics one and done I have researchers urge testing I witnessed memory only once. And then we have healthcare technologies impact on worker well being. M. and still many with healthcare we've entered a new era streaming healthcare now what. Lastly up here what are the ethics of an implant that delivers pleasure directly in your brain. Why why do we never talk about that one I know some people picket ticket exactly I'm so jumping out of the into human A. I. robot teaming so you guys later alphabet's everyday robots have made some progress well the number. Yeah I don't remember that one let's see here for human computer interaction we have enhanced touch screens could help you feel objects. Yes what we do not use again. We must be must be better I am occupational economics now so novel approach to estimate in June's limits in intermittent tasks. All right and then we have perception and performance how can our brain still perceive familiar objects even when they become indistinct. Cattle feed the visual cortex charting a new course of the organization of visual space. And lastly appear for perception performance we have more than light detectors the magic of your eyes pupils. They are very clever when you think about it I am in product design just one foot one in product design wearable tech confirms went intent of work commute. All right and then we have a usability systematic evaluation here. A special issue on human factors and ergonomics methods. Cool I'm and Alaskan crude for November which is a virtual environments Facebook changes name announces A. L. L. of the physical reality Matt Taha all right experts say APR could lead people to reality block stuff they don't like. I think social media let them do that as well I am and the final one in virtual environments just a game question mark M. study shows no evidence of violent video games lead to real life violence mmhm interesting all right so that leads us to December and. We truthfully we are recording this on the sixteenth and so we're only halfway through December but. We're gonna read this anyway as we only we only have 3 stories for December. Right now since I thought for the rest of just weekend predictions yeah. Let's let's get into it these ones aren't categorized yet because we haven't put our monthly recap out yet but using statistics to aid in the fight against misinformation also I guess with that would come then just make stuff up I'm still building human robot relationships through music and dance do we talked last week story I think yeah and then we have lastly this is the last story that we have it's it's a doozy you ready for it methodological issues in systems human factors and ergonomics perspectives on the research practice gap reliability and validity and prediction you got that that would that would that was about an inch that was it you like a big finish Tony that was something else. That's the end of it. As always huge thank you to everyone for listening to the show this year and for contributing your stories in our slack and discord I just I wanna thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for listening to the show over this last year and we had a lot of changes over here and very thank you for filling in for Blake over the last couple months and hanging out with me it's been an absolute pleasure I cannot wait to rein in the new year do you have any closing thoughts on this wild ride yeah I just like to say a massive thank you to everybody he's been listening and has been putting up with me taking over the likes half full in this interim and thank you at the unix folding in points for make me feel so very welcome it's been an absolute blast doing it. Well I think it's that time that's it for today everyone if you liked this episode please calm wherever you're listening with what you think of the new stories this year what's your favorite I missed your favorite snacks you're like you do with your. I don't know so now you copy me like I thought. For more in description the in depth discussion on any of these articles you can always join us on our slack and discord communities visit our official website sign up for our newsletter to stay all up to date with all the latest impactors news like everything that you heard in this episode you like what you hear you want to support the show there's a couple ways you can do that 1 leave us a 5 star review you 33 do you do that right now to tell your friends about us let them know that this is the definitive source for all human factors news there is no others news unless they come through us I'm just getting. I consider supporting us on Patreon you got a new gift card want to use it on us I don't know if. This gonna after after Christmas so who knows we got some holiday money want to spend it on your back I have got. As is always leads to all of our social and our website or the description this app is that we're not going to link all the stories don't worry and I don't think Mr Kirby for being on the show today help me break down every single news story from 2021 work our listeners going find you if they want to talk about that 1 line item that you read that you have no recollection. Yes if you won't even talk to me about that one and judging if every that I can't remember that I will a Twitter about the most okay all you buy me a 12 a 2 part podcast at 12 which is a custom home as for me Avenue has neck road you can find the coupon around which sometimes crops hours across social media at Nick _ Rome. There's been a blast thank you so much for tuning into human factors cast until next year. It Depends!

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