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Sept. 13, 2019

E140 - Redesigned Schools, Smart Cane, Robotics Optical Lace

E140 - Redesigned Schools, Smart Cane, Robotics Optical Lace

Today is September 12th, 2019 and it's an all new…

Today is September 12th, 2019 and it's an all new Human Factors Cast hosted by Nick Roome with Blake Arnsdorff. HUMAN FACTORS NEWS How Schools Are Being Designed to Minimize the Number of Deaths During a Mass Shooting Video Source: Blind man helps develop smart cane that uses Google Maps and sensors to navigate the world Video Source: This Optical Lace Acts Like Nerve Endings for Robot Touch Video Source: It Came From Reddit Posted byu/Calocity Research Research Research Ok so applications are opening and I'm starting to apply to schools to transfer to for my BA in Psychology. So my end goal is to get a Masters in Human Factors (and work in the HF field) so getting into good Master programs is very important to me. Knowing this, I want to make the most of my time working on my Bachelor's degree... So what would you recommend I do while working on my BA to maximize a potential spot in a good Master's program? For example, I hear RESEARCH is very important when doing your BA if you want to get into a HF MS Program. Can someone possibly elaborate on this, specifically if there's a certain focus research I should be doing? Then there's the obvious like keeping a high GPA, solid letters of recommendation, is there anything else I should be looking out for? Thank you in advance for anyone who took the time to read this and respond, it means alot to me! Posted byu/AnarAchronist Human Factors for AR/VR/Mixed Reality Hi everyone, I'm trying to get a strong overview of the current research in human factors for AR, VR and Mixed Reality systems. I would also like to get a narrow understanding on the ways in which communication issues may arise when people within a group have different phenomenological experiences or access different spheres of information and thus misinterpret the actions of others or events in unexpected ways. can anyone point me in the right direction for research in these areas? maybe a good up-to-date text book? Support us on Patreon: Follow us on LinkedIn: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Soundcloud: Follow us on YouTube: Our official website: Follow Nick: Follow Blake: Video/photo editing & emotional support provided by Offlineable: Join us on Slack: Take a deeper look into the human element in our ever changing digital world. Human Factors Cast is a podcast that investigates the sciences of psychology, engineering, biomechanics, industrial design, physiology and anthropometry and how it affects our interaction with technology. As an online source for human factors, psychology, and design news, Human Factors Cast is your essential resource for new, exciting stories in the field.

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