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Nov. 9, 2021

Human Factors Cast + #TeamSeas | Human Factors Minute | Bonus Episode

Human Factors Cast + #TeamSeas | Human Factors Minute | Bonus Episode

...and now for another Human Factors Minute!

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...and now for another Human Factors Minute! Human Factors Cast has partnered with a ton of other content creators for #TeamSeas! The goal is to get 30 million pounds of trash out of the ocean. By partnering with non-profit cleanup organizations all over the world, for every dollar this makes, there will be one less pound of trash in the ocean, beaches, and rivers. From trash-eating robots that sit on the river, to beach cleanup volunteer groups, this charity will tackle the problem through several methods. So we need your help! 30 million pounds, means 30 million dollars. And that needs to happen by the end of the year! To help spread awareness, us over here at Human Factors Cast will be producing 8 separate standalone Human Factors Minutes focusing on the human factors of conservation and how we as Human Factors Practitioners, can help. To find out more about #teamseas, or to donate to the campaign, visit This has been another Human Factors Minute!

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