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Changes inbound for Human Factors Minute

Changes inbound for Human Factors Minute

first and foremost: Thank you all so much for your support! We genuinely could not do this show without you. Your monthly contributions make it possible for us to pay for some of the tools we use behind the scenes to make not only our main podcast (Human Factors Cast) work, but also our Digital Media Lab, and our supporters-only podcast, Human Factors Minute.

Don't worry! It's not going anywhere, in fact, we actually have some episodes planned out until 2032 at the time of writing this post!

We wanted to give you all a heads up about Human Factors Minute:

We're making Human Factors Minute free... sort of. 


We've been encouraged by our talks with some of you, as well as the greater Human Factors community to make our content (that our lab works quite diligently on) openly available to the public. 

Something we've always wanted to do was to provide content that was exclusive to those who support the show (more on expanding this in a minute), so to mitigate the value lost by providing this content freely to the public, we've got a few strategies we're implementing here:

The public feed of Human Factors Minute will air on the 10th, 20th, and last day of the month, each month. If you're doing the math, that's three Human Factors Minutes a month for the general public. Our supporters are getting four Human Factors Minutes a month. The rationale is that:

  1. The general public will never achieve parity with our paid supporters. 
  2. The value of the supporter-only feed will not only continue to increase over time, but it will also increase relative to the general public, as there will forever be an increasing number of HFMs on the private feed that are not available publicly. 
  3. The general public gets to experience some of the hard work our Digital Media Lab has worked on over the last few years. Many of our lab members author Human Factors Minutes as a way to enhance their portfolios or learn about Human Factors concepts themselves, but with our current distribution method, there's no great way to point to a public record of that work. This will give them that opportunity.


Along with the changes to making HFMs free, we are also providing a few new additional options to support us, as not everyone uses our primary platform, Patreon. To this end, our revamped and expanded options for support look like this:

  1. Patreon - Support us at $5 USD or more. This site has some additional perks, too!
  2. Anchor - Get access to HFMs at $4.99 USD
  3. buy me a coffee - $5 monthly OR $50 yearly (-20% off!)
  4. ko-fi - Get access to HFMs at $5 USD
  5. (tenative) monthly support 1202 the Human Factors Podcast at 4 pounds or more